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Best LG Contract Deals

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Best LG Phone Deals on EE

At Metrofone we’ve made it our mission to always bring our loyal customers the very best mobile phone deals, whatever it is that they’re looking for. Whether you’re after a high-end handset with all of the latest technology, or something a little more simple.

LG has been making some of the most stylish and practical phones on the market for years. Their cutting-edge technology offers each user everything they could ever need in a compact and beautifully designed smartphone.

As pioneers of touchscreen technology, you can rely on LG to always deliver when it comes to stunning HD graphics and tough durability. Plus, impressive camera specs prove that you don’t have to pay through the roof to get your hands on a smartphone that is capable of taking your photography to the next level.

Here you’ll be able to explore some of the latest Metrofone offers on LG smartphones. Whether you’re looking for a smartphone that is simplistic yet powerful, or you want something a little more high end, there’s an LG handset for you.

Metrofone have been providing loyal customers with mobile phone deals for years, so you know that all of the information we have here is with your best interest at heart. You can even read our honest reviews if you’re undecided on an LG phone. Whatever your preference, Metrofone have the perfect deal for you.

Here at Metrofone, we partner exclusively with EE, so that we can tell each and every one of our customers that when they purchase their brand new LG handset, they are signing up to the UK’s leading mobile communications network. EE have over 31 million connections worldwide, and reach 99% of the UK population, giving you the very best service wherever you are.

With EE you can take advantage of free data roaming, as well as some fantastic extra perks, such as loads of free data, plus unlimited calls and texts. You can even get three months free BT Sport to enjoy in all its glory on any if the incredible LG displays.

The great perks from Metrofone don’t stop there; where possible we always try to find you a deal where you pay absolutely nothing upfront for your brand new LG mobile phone, and you could also save even more money with an incredible cashback offer.

Once you’ve ordered your favourite LG handset, you don’t need to wait long to get your hands on it; you could receive it the very next day via our exclusive next day delivery service, and the best bit is that it won’t cost you a penny extra!

If you think that you have chosen the perfect LG handset, or if you’d like to find out more about one of our great value LG pay monthly contracts, then call our dedicated customer service team today on 0333 900 1144. They are all based in the UK and are ready and waiting with their expert knowledge to answer all of your questions about any of our LG phones or great deals.

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