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Best Nearly New Mobile Phone Deals

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Refurbished Phones

Getting the phone you want is essential, and we understand that it really does matter what handset you own. There are loads of great reasons for picking a specific handset, so whatever yours happen to be we want you to be able to own the handset you want, it seems like a reasonable request to us. At Metrofone we work really hard to make sure that you have access to as many different options as possible which is why we are delighted to add refurbished phones to our extensive collection. This means that you now have even more ways to tweak and tailor your mobile phone deal to get what you want at a price you can afford. We spend hours negotiated and hunting down the best deals for our customers as we feel that everyone has the right to a great mobile phone deal whenever they want it. So that means we go back day after day to see if we can find anything better for you.

We have worked really hard to make sure that each handset comes with a wide range of contract options from our excellent network provider EE, you can select the data you need, and combine that with great inclusive minutes and texts on a range of packages. Some of these awesome deals come with cash-back, some come with generous free gifts, and now you can choose from the best handsets in new or as new condition to fit your pocket perfectly, both in terms of your budget and of course, your coat pocket when you are out and about.

Our refurb handsets give you the opportunity to own the phone of your dreams and save money at the same time. They are in as new condition and function perfectly giving you the latest handset from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony and more at a cost lower than you might think, and we believe you are going to be delighted with the choice on offer. We will have refurbished phones from all manufacturers and across all models of handset so be sure to check out the range as you might well find what you have been looking for. People are sometimes concerned by a second-hand phone, but these handsets are always in showroom condition, you will struggle to find any evidence. It usually means that someone changed their mind and returned the phone straightway, and as such, they are no longer new, but they really are as new. We have experts who check them over to make sure they really are in tip-top condition, and only then do we offer them to our customers. Of course, the benefit is the cost saving when compared to buying off the shelf, and we know that refurbished phones give you more choice and mean more people can own the phone they have always wanted, which is our motivation for coming to work each day.

It all works in the same way as any of our amazing deals, simply pick a handset from our great as new collection and have a look at the deals we offer. There will be loads of our best deals to choose from, with loads of options, including different amounts of data. This is possibly the most critical decision you can make as you need to be sure you pick a data package that will cover your needs. Having too little data can mean that there is often more month left than data and you will incur extra charges on your monthly bill. Generally, the phone will keep working, and you will still have access to the 4G network, but this will be costing you are pay-as-you-go rates and can really give you a nasty surprise when you open your bill. If you are not sure how much data you are going to need, then we can help. If you have a mobile already, we can usually help you find out from this how much data you are using and if not our team can go through your usage habits to establish what realistic amount of data would be. It is cheaper to have more data than you need than it is to pay the extra costs of going over as this can get expensive quickly.

When you are looking at deals on our refurb handsets, you will also notice that some come with cash back. There are two types of cash back, automatic or claimed. It will be clearly marked on the deal, and if you have automatic cash back, then you can sit back and do nothing more except enjoy the reduction to your monthly payment as shown on the deal screen. If you need to claim the cashback, you must remember to do this, but don’t worry full details of how to do this will be sent to you once the contract is live and you have your handset. Cash back is a generous gift that knocks money off your monthly tariff giving you a higher value deal at a lower cost.

Some of our great deals will also come with a range of free network gifts, and these are from EE and offered as a thank you from them for working with us to take advantage of their fantastic network. These include some great bonuses for travellers, as you can get free EU roaming or free international roaming depending on the deal, which means when you go away you simply use your phone as normal, taking advantage of your calls, text and data allowance. If you are not a frequent flyer, fear not as you could choose to take advantage of one of the other great free gifts instead when you take out a new as new mobile phone contract with us. You can get super-fast 4G speeds, of either 60mbps or 90mbps depending on the deal you have chosen which gives you amazingly fast connectivity even when you are not connected to wifi.

If that is still not tickling your fancy what about some stellar streaming options? For sports fans, you can take advantage of free access to BT Sports on your handset or for music moguls a free six-month subscription to Apple Music, available on both Apple and Android phones. These are great gifts that mean you can take your television or music on the road with you, or of course listen from home so that you are not using your data allowance.

We work hard to bring you the best deals which means where possible we will try and bring you a handset at no upfront cost as one of the options. Historically this used to suggest that you would pay a much higher price per month for your deal, but we are striving to get the best deals even with no upfront cost that do not penalise you. Of course, if you are happy to make a payment for the handset upfront, you will be able to open up a range of deals as listed, but the most important thing is that we are working hard to give you a choice as we believe you should be fully in control of your mobile phone contract.

To make sure that you are getting the best value for money we only work with EE, this is because we know that they are the best network provider in the UK. Their coverage is second to none, and we want to make sure that wherever you live, whether you live in the middle of a city or out in the country you have a signal when you need it most. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to use your phone and finding that you have no 4G coverage and again we are confident that EE has the widest coverage. You can check their coverage maps, but we are super sure that you will be impressed with the level of cover you will experience so when you need to make that all important call or check your emails your network and 4G will not let you down.

So, all that remains is to pick the refurbished handset of choice, find the deal that best meets your usage needs and place your order. As with all of the handsets we offer, our dispatch team will leap into action and get your phone dispatched for next day delivery. This is a free service we provide because we really are like kids in a candy store when it comes to new phones and we know how exciting it is to be able to have your handset the very next working day.

If you are interested in learning more about our as new, refurbished handset deals or have any questions about any of the great mobile phone deals that we offer then don't forget that our awesome UK based customer service team are on hand to help, so why not give them a call on 0300 900 1144

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