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Chinese tech giants Huawei often make the news and over the last five or six years have risen from virtually unheard-of in the UK to one of the largest selling mobile phone manufacturers. They are famed for the standard of cameras that they offer on their flagship range of phones, and this is thanks in part to their cooperation with Leica lenses. The handsets run Android with a proprietary skin over the top. They have a vast range of handsets that straddle all levels from basic mobile phones to high-end smartphones. They have quickly developed a substantial following and also make smartwatches and various other key pieces of technology.

They developed a reputation for having a reasonable price tag, and yet their handsets are packed full of innovation and many new arrivals that gave their competition something to work on. They were one of the first to develop a triple-lens camera and also offer reverse wireless charging utilising the handset as a charger for other wireless devices when placed on the back.

Best Huawei Deals

Making sure that our customers have access to as many different mobile phones as possible is something we strive for. We are determined to have the largest storeroom ready for dispatch, and this means that we do not only stock the latest models, but any handset that we feel brings value to someone’s life. With this in mind we are able to bring you some of the best Huawei deals on offer no matter which of their handsets catches your eye. As we have already said Huawei is it the leading edge of development when it comes to mobile phone technology and some of the older handsets will be perfect for many users without costing quite the same amount as the brand-new ones. The key factor here is the choice. Once you know which phone you are after we then invite you to look at the range of deals that accompany it and again you will find there are masses to choose from. We try and make it as clear as possible what is included with each of the deals but of course if you have any questions we are always here to help.

Huawei Sim Free Deals

If you prefer to purchase just the handset, then we have a range of Huawei phones that are offered Sim free. This will obviously mean that you need to make sure you have some kind of Sim card provision, whether that be a contract with another provider or a pay-as-you-go SIM.

Huawei Contract Deals

We offer a wide range of contract deals on the all Huawei phones, our pay monthly deals come in all shapes and sizes, and this is explicitly designed to ensure that there is something for everyone no matter what you need to use your handset for. It is worth understanding the components that make up a pay monthly deal so here’s a quick rundown. Firstly the most important issue is your data allowance, this is used when you have no Wi-Fi network available, and your phone utilises 4G and in the future 5G. You will have a certain amount of data available to you, but, should you go over your allowance your handset will keep working, and you may be unaware, at this point extra charges will be added by the network provider to your bill. So it is worth making sure that you pick a contract that gives you sufficient data and if possible some spare so that you are not at risk of accruing extra charges as these can be much more expensive than spending a little bit extra on the contract. You will also notice that some contracts offer cashback. Cashback comes into forms either automatic or claimable. If you have to claim it, we will make sure you have all the details of how to do this once your new phone arrives. Basically, this is a payment that is applied to your bill to bring the cost down, so you get more contract for your money. All of the features of the contract will be clearly marked, but of course, if you do have any questions, we are more than happy to help so just get in touch.

Huawei Models

  • Mate 20 Pro
  • Mate 20 X
  • Mate 20
  • P20 Pro
  • P20 Lite
  • P20
  • P30 Pro
  • P30 Lite
  • P30
  • P Smart

Huawei Deals with No Upfront Cost

Sometimes you might think the handset you have chosen will be too expensive; however, we also offer lots of Huawei deals with no upfront costs. This tends to mean that you pay a little bit more for your monthly contract; however, we have worked hard with our network providers to ensure that the amount is still very reasonable. This means that you do not have to pay an extra penny for the handset and a soon as you sign up for the contract your phone will be dispatched providing it’s available and not on pre-release. If you prefer to pay something towards the cost of your handset, you will notice that the monthly payment may well be slightly cheaper and of course, this is up to you. We are here to ensure that every customer can find the perfect handset and deal for them, which is why we have so many handsets and contracts on offer. As we mentioned before Huawei have a flagship ‘Mate’ range as well as other handsets at various levels of specification which naturally correspond to the price tag and therefore ensure that there really is something for everyone. Their older phones are perfectly future-proof, so remain a viable option for many users depending on what you actually need your handset to do.

RPI/CPI Price Increase - Each year, your Pay Monthly airtime tariff will be adjusted according to: Three - Three's Fixed Annual Price Change which is 4.5% each April. Vodafone – The Retail Price Index which is announced each March and adjusted on your bill each April.
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