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Special Offers on the Best 5G EE Mobile Phone Deals

per month/24 months
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  • Unlimited Data (5G)
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Best 5G Mobile Phone Contract Deals on EE

One of the things we strive for here at Metrofone is choice, and that means we are always looking for new handsets to make sure our customers have the broadest range of choice. This also means that we are quick to bring you the latest in technology and innovation. The newest wave of handsets to come to market are those that are 5G enabled as that is the next thing to be on offer for mobile phone users. So here you will find the best 5G phones combined with the impressive range of EE pay monthly deals that we have negotiated just for you.

Special Offers on the Best 5G EE Mobile Phone Deals

On this page, we have handpicked the best in special offers on many of the fantastic 5G handsets we have in stock. Our team has been hard at work negotiating the best EE deals to go with this excellent range of handsets, and this is a really exciting time for mobile internet. 5G has been in development for some time, and it is now ready for use and will be rolled out across the UK and around the globe. It is the next generation of 4G mobile internet access but has been created to be faster, more reliable and cover more of the UK than ever before. So if you found yourself living in a 4G blackspot fear near, things are going to get better.

5G handsets are going to be expanding all the time as more and more manufacturers get on board but there is already a cracking choice, and some of these handsets are seriously unique and bring functionality like never before. Whether you want to stick with your Samsung or experience a new generation of handset from upcoming company Oppo we have some fantastic handsets on offer that we have loved trialling to make sure they are good enough for you. We have also been working away to get together some of the most amazing special offers for these 5G phones giving you access to stellar pay monthly deals from our trusted partner EE, so have a look at what we have put together for you.

The functionality we mentioned on these new 5G handsets is mind-blowing, with innovation in the cameras, software and much more, they really are next-generation mobiles to compliment this next generation internet connectivity. The deals offer you a range of choice on things like your data allowance, whether you contribute to the cost of the handset or prefer to have it free, some deals come with cash back, and others also include free gifts generously added by EE. Once you have decided on the best handset and contract, we are on standby because we also offer free next working day delivery and will get your phone dispatched as fast as we can. We love the thrill of opening a brand new phone, so we assume you do too, and we don’t see why you should be made to wait too long.

We get a lot of questions about choosing the best deal, and our customer service team is always on hand to help you work through the options, so do give them a call if you get stuck but here are some general guidelines. Data is always a good place to start, and with 5G you are going to have such an excellent mobile internet experience you want to make sure you have a great data allowance so that you don’t run out. Running out of data can be costly because actually, your phone will keep working you will just get charged for the extra usage, and this can be a nasty surprise when your bill comes in. Don’t worry if you have no idea how much you might need because our team can help you work it out based on your life and when and where you might use your phone.

It is always best to have a bit more data than you would usually use for those unexpected times, perhaps your WiFi crashes out for the day, or you spend more time than usual watching a movie on the train. These things use data so it is nice to have all the data you need and again we have worked really hard to make sure that our pay monthly deals are as low as possible and offer a good amount of data, so it might not cost you anything like as much as you feared. You will also find that some activities run in the background of your phone and use small amounts of data just because you are out and not connecting to WiFi, this sort of thing is customisable in your settings and we can help with that if you are unsure, but having a sensible data allowance is the cheapest and easiest way to stay in control.

Some of the handset deals will come with no-upfront cost, so there is no charge for the phone itself, others come with the full price, or part thereof. Now, this changed the tariff slightly as you will be able to see from the deals on the page. We have worked really hard to make sure that even when you are getting the handset free, you are not paying over the odds for the monthly tariff, and it all boils down to personal choice. Some of the deals will offer cash back, and this will be shown, automatic cash back will be adjusted on your bill for you whereas standard cash back needs to be claimed but we will show you how to do that, and it is easy. You will then notice that some of the deals have free gifts, things like access to great music on Spotify or Apple Music, or streaming of things like sports channels or perhaps Amazon Prime Movies. If they are shown, you can just pick one, and we will make sure it gets sorted for you.

So, for more information about any of the 5G handsets we offer or any of these amazing special offers our customer service team are waiting for your call. They have been learning all about 5G, and the new handsets so will be happy to answer any questions you might have on 0333 900 1144.

*If you choose an EE deal your monthly price plan charge will be increased by RPI in March of each year. Other prices, such as call charges and roaming costs, may also go up during your plan. For full details please see section 7 of the Network terms and conditions.
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