Which P40 should I buy?

2020 saw the release of the new Huawei P40 line but, you’re probably asking yourself, ‘Which P40 should I buy?’ That’s not an easy answer. We’ve had 3 different variants to the P40 line released this year. This includes the standard P40, P40 Pro and the P40 Lite. There are quite a few similarities between the three however, the differences are unmissable.


Huawei P40

Each year, Huawei releases a new line to their P range. 2020 brings the release of the P40 range and it hit the ground running. The Huawei P40 is the standard, mid range handset to join the series. This is a 5G compatible handset so you’ll be able to experience super fast download and upload speeds. Of course, you will need a 5G ready plan for this to be used in full capacity.

Following from last year, Google added Huawei to their entity list. This means that none of the P40 range will have access to Google services. Whilst this may seem like Huawei won’t be able to function their phones, they’ve actually done a great job of filling in. Using EMUI and the Huawei App Gallery, you’ll forget that Google services aren’t available. Huawei have done an amazing job to fill in the gaps whilst keeping the smartphone feel like a Huawei smartphone.

The camera on this addition to this P series is also incredibly amazing. Featured on the back, you’ll find a triple lens camera, consisting of a 50MP wide lens, 8MP telephoto lens and a 16MP ultra wide lens. Each of these lenses play an important roll in giving you artistic angles, high levels of detail and capturing the world in high resolution. You can be sure that any photo you do take will be high resolution and incredibly eye catching. After all, Huawei is known for having some of the best smartphone cameras, they even have a trending hashtag!


Huawei P40 Pro

Following on from previous releases from Huawei, this is the high end addition in the P40 range. This of course also makes it the most expensive of them all. Much like other Pro additions, you’re getting way more than your money’s worth here. To no surprise, this is a 5G compatible handset. After the rollout of 5G in 2019, many manufacturers have been producing 5G phones. This is a great addition from Huawei, giving you some of the top speeds for processing, uploads and downloads.

Different methods of charging have recently been highly requested from consumers, meaning manufacturers have been racing to meet needs. Keeping the Huawei P40 Pro powered is a 4200mAh battery. This will be able to keep you connected at all points of the day, with very little worry of losing charging. That being said, it’s always important to prepare for the worst. For that reason, the P40 Pro supports fast wireless charging and reverse charging. This will allow you to get a quick battery boost whilst having a coffee or even keep your friends powered up for the day ahead.

Something Huawei always does very smoothly is produce incredibly slick, attractive phones. The Huawei P40 Pro is a prime example of this. There’s a choice of two colour options with this device, either Silver Frost or Midnight Black. Both editions will have the same sleek finish with a refractive hue when the light hits it. This will create a super eye catching strike on the back of the phone whilst screaming style.


Huawei P40 Lite

Ensuring Huawei hit all ends of the market is the P40 Lite. This is the lower tier handset for 2020. Whilst you would expect to lose out on some key features in a budget handset, that’s certainly not the case with the P40 Lite. This smartphone is packed to the brim with the best bits of Huawei.

It goes without saying, Huawei is one of the best when it comes to smartphone cameras. They manage to hit the nail on the head every single time and the Huawei P40 Lite is solid proof of that. On the back of this smartphone, you’ll find a quad lens camera, featuring a 48MP main lens, 8MP ultra wide lens, 2MP macro lens and a 2MP depth lens. Any photograph you take with this device is going to be radiating professionalism. You’ll be able to capture vast amounts of detail and colour with little work from yourself.

You’ll also get to experience everything you love in high quality thanks to the 1080 x 2310 resolution. With a 6.4 inch screen, you’re going to find yourself completely immersed in this phone. You won’t lose too much of the screen space to the selfie camera either as this is tucked into a small notch in the top corner.

This addition to the P40 range is only available in 128GB. This should be plenty of storage for the average person. It will be able to hold loads of apps, photos and more. If you do need to add a bit more data, there’s room for up to 256GB to be added via a microSD.


Which P40 should I buy?

Deciding on which P40 you should buy is completely based on your needs. If you need something more affordable, you’re best off going for the cheapest addition. If you need something with lots of storage, the variant with the most storage would be a top choice. If you need 5G connectivity, you’ll need to make sure the phone’s compatible with 5G.

There are hundreds of things to take into consideration when you’re buying a new phone. Huawei have created a range of phones that will meet your every need whilst being super affordable. There’s a smartphone for everyone in the P40 range.


Hopefully, you’re slightly closer to answering the touch question, ‘Which P40 should I buy?’ Once you see the deals available, we’re sure you’ll know which ones for you. With so many of the best Huawei deals available, you’ll be able to find one to suit you perfectly.