Which iPhone is for you?

There is a huge range of iPhones available at the moment, but which iPhone is for you? With an iPhone for everything, that’s a pretty easy question. Over the years, Apple has been able to produce an iPhone that works for pretty much any need and almost any job you can think of. Thanks to their extensive range, you can find the perfect iPhone for you.


Best iPhone for Photographers

Whilst it may not come as much of a surprise, the newest iPhones are the best for capturing your life, specifically the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This is the top spec addition in Apple’s 2019 11 series. Featured on the back of this device is a triple 12MP camera whilst the front supports a dual 12MP camera with an SL 3D sensor. Both of these set ups are extremely impressive and have been paired with the fastest chip in a smartphone, the A13 Bionic. This camera is going to offer you nothing but quality.

The first 12MP is a wide lens. All your everyday photos will come from here, offering high quality photos that are full of detail. These photos work with HDR and Night Mode so that you can capture sharp photos in any situation. Second in the camera set up is a 12MP ultrawide lens,  perfect for when you want to capture more of what’s in front of you but it doesn’t fit into a single frame. You’ll be able to zoom out and capture more at once. Finally, with the telephoto lens, you’ll get more focal lengths. Zoom right in on the action in high levels of detail.

Each and every photo the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max produces is going to be full of quality. Not to mention, with the editing software available from the Apple Photo Gallery, you’ll be able to make them stand out even more. If you really want to get creative, give Portrait Mode a go. Choose your lighting scenario from a choice of set options and get shooting! These lighting options will allow you to choose a completely unique style or even enhance the light around you. Paired with an amazing subject and skilled photographer, you’ll be producing high quality images.


Best iPhone for Gamers

Again, figuring out which iPhone is for you when you’re a gamer will give you one of the newer iPhone 11 variants. In fact, all 3 options are incredibly good for gaming and there’s a fair reason for it. If you’re trying to keep costs low, you’re better off opting for the Apple iPhone 11. For those that don’t need to watch money as closely, you may choose the iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max. Deciding between these options is purely down to the amount of money you want to spend.

You’re probably asking yourself why these specific devices are best for gaming. Well, behind the brains of each of these smartphones is Apple’s very own chipset, the A13 Bionic. This chip will essentially work on every inch of the phone to make it high quality. More importantly, it works to give you fast speeds. This means that when you are playing games, you won’t have to worry about any buffering or lagging. Enjoy a smooth, seamless gaming experience with this smartphone.

Another reason these phones are so amazing for gaming is the battery life. Keeping the iPhone 11 powered is a 3110 mAh battery, which will keep you running for up to 17 hours on a single charge, When you do find yourself running low, you can gain up to 50% battery in only 30 minutes. Inside the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, you’ll find a 3046 mAh battery, lasting up to 17 hours and a 3969mAh battery in the iPhone 11 Pro Max, staying powered for up to 20 hours. Each of these battery options will keep you going for the day without having to worry about losing charge.


Best iPhone for Beginners

When you first delve into modern technology, it can be a bit daunting. There is so much to grasp with today’s technology. When you’ve grown up in a different world, it can be really scary to learn all of it. For that reason, Apple has given the iPhone SE a whole new update. Keeping this budget friendly smartphone user friendly was their biggest goal, and they’ve smashed it out the park.

Enjoy the latest version of iOS with iOS 10. A super user friendly system, with customisable features, settings and styles to make your phone your own. One way that the iPhone SE says simple, just with any other iPhone, is the easy to navigate home screen. All of your apps will appear in icons here. Swipe across to access more apps or arrange them into folders to tidy your phone up. The Settings app itself is also broken up in lots of options so you don’t have to guess where everything is.

Of course, you don’t want to pay high prices for something you may not even use. With the iPhone SE, you can enjoy low prices with the best network in the UK. A range of data packages also means that you can pick the perfect partner. Modern technology doesn’t need to be hard, nor expensive, and if that’s what you need, the iPhone SE is for you.


Which iPhone is for you?

Figuring out which iPhone is for you is completely dependent on what you need from a phone. There’s no point buying a super expensive variant if you’re not going to use it. By working out what you need from an iPhone, you will be able to pair yourself with your perfect option. You can also make sure you get the best prices on any iPhone you’re looking for.


Now you know which iPhone is for you, you’re going to need a value packed, affordable deal to match. Lucky for you, we offer the best deals on the market with free next day delivery.