New Handsets for the Rest of 2019

New Handsets for the Rest of 2019

We have already seen some great handsets released this year, with the most recent being the Galaxy Note 10. Now, as the summer sadly draws to a close and the kids return to school, we look at other potential candidates that might be on the horizon. New handsets always generate a buzz, and scores of fans wait eagerly for the release of the newest offering from their favourite manufacturer. Some brands seem to stick to a strict timetable each year, and others seem to be a little more random, so let’s have a look at what is coming.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max

So, we can be pretty confident that Apple will be launching a new raft of phones this September, not long to wait now fans! This is expected to include two iPhone 11 offerings, the standard size and the larger model, which we could assume will be the iPhone 11, Max, as it replaces the iPhone XS Max, but with Apple, you just never know. Lately, they have been breaking naming conventions all over the shop, and that is not the only detail they are keeping us guessing about. Initially, it was thought that Apple would not be releasing a 5G handset until 2020 at the earliest but as the company has made friends with Qualcomm again, who knows what might happen.

It does seem, from rumoured leaks on the images that it will have a triple rear camera, arranged in a square, which is something we have seen before from other manufacturers, but to put their own spin on it, this one seems to be sitting off to one side rather than in the middle. 

iPhone XR 2

Now, this doesn’t seem like a very good name, so we can only assume they have come up with something better, but the latest XR incarnation is expected to be the third handset in their triple release. Being the lower-spec budget handset that was initially released to replace the SE, you would not expect it to match up to the 11 series. Perhaps a dual-lens camera rather than a triple, and if rumours are to be believed even more colours added to the range. 

Huawei Mate 30 

There was some significant leakage on the specs of the new Mate 30, which is also rumoured to be landing in September, although they will want to miss the Apple event as there is no point trying to compete. Leaked images suggested that an unknown reporter happened to meet a Huawei senior officer at an airport and he just happened to be carrying and testing the new piece of kit. Now, this sounds like either a load of rubbish or a totally staged Huawei press release.

We know they have just released a new Kirin chip, so that is likely to feature, and of course, they are looking to move to their own OS after falling out with Google. We would expect triple or quadruple-camera lenses from Leica and there will be the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro for the full effect – nothing has been confirmed on a Lite version.