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Huawei’s New Phones – 2019

Huawei are still producing phones and go from strength to strength all around the world. They continue to produce good quality affordable smartphones, as well look at the continuation of the P30 range with the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro.

Names and Release Date

Huawei brought out the 20 series last year, following the 10 series the previous year, so it seems likely that this years models will follow the jump in 10 numbers and be the 30 series. Indeed we already have the P30, P30 lite and P30 Pro, so it seems highly likely that the new phones will be called the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro. Though, of course, this could change at the last minute. Huawei tends to try and get these phones out in time for the Christmas rush in buying, so expect releases around the October time ready to take advantage of this boost in buying.


It is still early doors for design, but there are certainly a few things that can be surmised based on what we have seen so far from Huawei and the market in general. The P30’s saw a refresh to the designs, so this is likely to continue with the new Mate’s, and no doubt they will fit in with the other models already released this year.

The rear is likely to see a continuation of the triple lens feature from the new P30’s and the camera in last year’s Mate’s was very well received. There is even an outside chance that we may see the four lens affair from the P30 Pro make the leap to both the new mates, or if not just the Mate Pro model. As for the front this still remains to be seen whether they go for Notch, or Cut Out, but here each manufacturer seems to go their own way.


Huawei are likely to push the boundaries with the models, on the Mate 30 Pro in particular, and this is certainly bourne up by rumours that are going around Chinese manufacturing sites at the moment. It is suggested that the Kirin 985 chip could make an appearance on potentially both phones. 5G is almost certainly going to be included as this is the ‘must have’ feature for this year. Last years models, featured particularly good batteries on the phones, with a relatively high capacity, and this is one area that is likely to be pushed again, with bigger being better, or so it seems.


The price point is going to be competitive wherever it comes out, as this seems to be the market that Huawei has secured the most easily. Top specs for low money is where they are at. Last years phones certainly bore that out, and there were a number of storage models at different prices around, this trend is expected to continue with 128Gb or 256Gb models expected.