message of the honor 20 pro

Honor Pairs New Smartphone With Mural to Change Smartphone Usage Stereotypes

If you’re someone who uses a smartphone, you may have heard someone in the older generation say unfavourable things about mobile usage. 

The belief that the young people of today only use their smartphones for harmful purposes is a problematic stereotype to change, but a well-known smartphone brand called Honor is trying to change that. It is why their new model, the Honor 20 Pro, released with a unique message. 

A Mural and a Message

The first week of August saw the release of the Honor 20 Pro, and for fans of the brand, it was an excellent addition to the range. However, it wasn’t the only thing Honor released. They also paired up with a team of professional street artists called Graffiti Kings. Their mission? To create a mural which showcased the positive force smartphones had become. 

Covering 30ft and having special paint to change the appearance of the image at nighttime, the mural is a testament to what young people can do with their smartphones and challenges the idea that everything they do has to be wrong. 

No More Misconceptions

The smartphone generation frequently tries to convey a message to the older populace – when they use their phones, they aren’t hiding from anything or trying to disconnect from society. Instead, they’re logging into a place which has millions of users every day – the internet. 

Thanks to social media and almost unlimited tools for website creation, young people have limitless possibilities for promoting their beliefs and helping to bring about positive change. They can make companies and enterprises to bring exciting new services to the public, and they can connect with people all across the world. 

When spoken to about the mural, Olivier Dobo, Honor’s UK Director of Marketing, said that ”Our research shows that young people are getting more out of their smartphones than any previous generation, and we’re proud to help them continue to do so”. 

Making Changes Now For a Better Future

It is evident to many that a change of beliefs is essential if we’re ever going to redefine what a smartphone can be. OnePoll has recently researched the issue and found that over 75% of people over the age of 45 believe that young people spend too much time on their phones. On the other side of this, at least 75% of all adults aged 18-24 feel like their use of smartphones is misunderstood by the older generation. 

To summarise, Honor has released the Honor 20 Pro to try and change things. They have seen the potential harm that can come from negative opinions, and so the aim is clear; change the way people think about smartphones for future generations.

We know, like many, that a mobile device can do a lot of good. It is evident that when it comes to positive change, connecting with many and offering new business perspectives, smartphones have given the next generation an advantage in life. If we can change the older population and show them the good that mobile devices can do, then we will redefine how people look at technology.