Google Pixel 4 Rumour Round-Up

Google, the makers of Android always have something to prove when it comes to producing phones themselves. Their previous releases have all been top-notch, especially when it comes to the camera so any announcement around their next and greatest flagship phone is going to eagerly analysed by everyone. We round up what we know so far.

When and How Much?

The first questions on everyone’s lips are normally when can we get it and how much is it going to cost us. Well, the smart money is on October. Google has tended to announce its flagship phone at its I/O developer conference in October. They did throw a curveball with the Pixel 3A models which were revealed in May. But this was a supplementary phone, so it would seem that we are still on track for an October announcement. As for cost, this is likely to be in a similar ballpark as the Pixel 3 was on release. The 3A models were introduced at a deliberately lower price point, so expect the Pixel 4 to be back on track.

The Cameras

As we mentioned, the camera in the Pixel 3 was one of the highlights so what should we expect with the Pixel 4? Google themselves tweeted a picture of the rear of the phone, and you can see a triple-lens configuration in the top left of the rear. This would seem to suggest that they have moved away from software tricks for photos into using hardware for the task. The indication is that it would be a 16MP lens and a 12MP lens on the rear. The Google Super Zoom feature from the Pixel 3A XL is also likely to be incorporated given a great level of detail to your shots.

Hardware Specs

It seems likely that the phone will feature the SnapDragon 855 chipset and that this will be paired with 6GB of RAM. Whilst this isn’t as much as the 12GB that some of the Samsung’s are sporting this is more than enough. Storage is likely to start at 128GB on board. In terms of display, rumours are that the Pixel 4 XL is likely to equal the Pixel 3 XL at 6.3Inches whilst the Pixel 4 will jump to 5.7 inches. Renders also show this is likely to be a hole punch front camera so you get a maximum display for your money.


When it comes to software features one of the things that Google has confirmed is that the phone will have the Soli radar chip which allows it to do Face ID unlock similar to the iPhone and others. This chip will also enable motion gestures with the company saying you will be able to snooze an alarm, skip a track and silence phone calls all with a wave of your arm. If implemented well then this will be a killer feature for the device and will allow for a much truer ‘hands-free’ experience when using the phone. Safe to say we can’t wait.