5G Handsets From Honour

As we draw near to the end of the year, it is unlikely there will be many more releases or announcements from the major mobile phone manufacturers, but there are always a few that don’t want to quit. Honor has just announced a new range, the View 30 which will feature the standard View 30 and the high spec View 30 Pro. So what do they have to offer?

The 5G Race

While we are still many months away from 5G going global and being available everywhere in the UK, we know it is coming. We also know that in order to access the network handsets will have to have a 5G modem, so this year we have watched most manufacturers release their 5G handsets to begin the race. Although at the moment the test sites are limited to big cities like London and Manchester once the network providers are happy with the performance they will be looking to send it across the country quickly.

A lot of the 5G handsets we have seen so far have formed part of the flagship ranges and tend to be bigger budget phones, so it is always reassuring to see others hit the mid-range and this is precisely where the View 30 range is going. Both handsets have the required 5G modem, and they are stunning looking handsets to boot. Finished in the premium looking glass and aluminium, they will be offered in many different colours. Despite the Pro offering a higher spec in a lot of areas, the screen size is actually identical in both models and is a good size 6.57 inches. The handsets are perfect for streaming and gaming as they have 1080×2400 pixels and a screen to body ratio of 91.46% with nothing lost to casing or front-facing cameras. 

Camera Differences 

It is quite unusual to see both a standard and a Pro model offering the same display size; the Pro is normally larger however there are plenty of other differences to set the higher ranking model apart from the standard. Camera tech is one area, visually when you turn the phones over there doesn’t appear to be much different, the housing is really good looking and is a broader rectangle which has a traffic light stack for the three lenses and the LED flash off to the side. Where they differ though is the power in the lenses. They both have a primary 40MP lens but supporting the Pro is a 12MP wide-angle and an 8MP telephoto lens. In the standard the wide-angle lens is 8MP, and the telephoto lens is 8MP, so you are going to get better images from the Pro. 

More Power 

Interestingly the standard View 30 has the bigger battery weighing in at 4200mAh while the Pro has a 4100mAh. The main difference here is that the Pro also offers wireless charging which is really popular whereas the standard is cable charging only. Both handsets feature the Kirin 990 chipset which is also seen in the high-end Huawei handsets.