5G or 4G?

Thanks to advances in technology, a big part of deciding which pay monthly contract is choosing between 5G or 4G, but which is really better?

5G technology was first rolled out in summer 2019 by the UKs best network, EE. They launched in 5 major cities, very quickly followed by Vodafone.


Best Bits of 5G

To understand what’s so good about 5G you first have to understand what it exactly is. 5G is an improvement on mobile broadband, looking to eradicate 4G connections. Much like the disappearance of 3G and 2G, 4G is sure to be forgotten about. Mobile broadband works on a radio spectrum and 5G uses far more than the previous generation.

5G means you’ll be able to stream, browse and download all sorts of things with super-fast speeds. Anything you do now on your mobile will be done more efficiently with 5G. If you’re a mobile gamer, you are bound to see improvements in every aspect of your gaming lives. You shouldn’t have to worry about that awkward ‘reconnecting’ when you video call someone and they should be far clearer than they currently are.

Although there’s nothing better than faster browsing and no buffering when you stream, 5G is also expected to aid in some really cool things in the future. There are hopes that this generation of mobile broadband will be a main factor to self-driving vehicles, aiding their live maps and even communicating with other vehicles. All your favourite fitness devices may even help monitor your health and alert the correct authorities if there is any type of emergency.


4G Highlights

One of the most obvious perks of 4G is that it is available in the majority of the UK. You should only have issues connecting to 4G in really remote areas. It’s super reliable as we’ve been using it for years and all our favourite phones work effortlessly with this generation of mobile broadband. 4G gives us fast access to browse our favourite social media sites as well as watch videos from our phones. There is not issue when connecting to the internet so people have been happy with 4G for years.

Another huge perk of 4G is that it’s not as expensive as 5G. Networks are now offering a better option to mobile broadband so prices of 4G have dropped massively. Although it is far cheaper, you’re still getting really fast download speeds that are uninterrupted.


5G or 4G?

It’s easy to say one is better than the other but you may not need, or even be able to have 5G. As it’s so new, 5G hasn’t yet been rolled out over the UK entirely. You can check if you’re eligible for 5G in your area with the network coverage checkers online. Just because it may not be in your area right now doesn’t go to say that it will never be in your area.


Whether you choose 5G or 4G, we’ve got hundreds of deals on the UKs best network. Working exclusively with EE means we can offer you the best deals available.