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Best EE Upgrade Deals

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EE Upgrade Deals

Upgrade plans are only available subject to availability

At Metrofone we have been providing our customers with the best mobile phone deals for years, but we’re not just about discovering the best new deals, we also have some incredible offers to deliver to our customers when it is time for them to upgrade.

Our dedicated team have the expert knowledge that is required to ensure that when it is time for your upgrade, you get the very best upgrade deal out there.

It may be that you’d like to change your plan for a more affordable option, or perhaps you’d like to get something more out your pay monthly contract, like extra data or increased minutes. Whatever it is that you’re looking to get out of your next upgrade deal, Metrofone is here to ensure that you get everything you need.

When you upgrade with Metrofone we will give you the choice of a great new smartphone. From iPhone to Samsung, from Huawei to Motorola, we have a huge range of smartphones to suit every individual and their budget, so you don’t need to worry about paying extortionate amounts on your new contract.

If you think or know that you might be eligible for an upgrade on your current EE contract, then simply get in touch with Metrofone today and we can either check your eligibility or take the first steps to help you find the perfect new pay monthly contract.

At Metrofone we partner exclusively with EE because we know that they are the UK’s leading mobile communications provider. With over 31 million customers worldwide, we trust that EE will always keep our customers connected, and provide exceptional mobile service.

With EE you can now rely on that fantastic service, even if you’re on the other side of the world thanks to their free data roaming, making them the perfect network if you are choosing to upgrade just before a holiday or if you travel frequently with work.

Choosing a new pay monthly deal with Metrofone means that you can also take advantage of some of our brilliant extra perks. More often than not you won’t have to pay anything for your handset, and with our cashback offers, you can get even more savings.

As well as free-roaming, EE also the option of three months free BT Sport, so you won’t ever have to miss out on your favourite sporting news, or six months free Apple Music with an iPhone contract - the network will even pay for the data that you use when you’re listening to your favourite songs.

At Metrofone we offer fantastic next day delivery on all of our new deals, even our upgrades, and the best bit is that it won’t cost a penny extra! So you can upgrade today and you could have your brand new smartphone by tomorrow!

If you think that you’re ready to upgrade, or if you’d like more information about upgrading with EE and Metrofone, then call one of our dedicated customer service team today. They are all based within the UK and are readily armed with expert knowledge to give you all of the help you may need when deciding on a new pay monthly contract. Call them today on 0333 900 1144 for all of the information on your next smartphone.

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