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Getting the country covered

We want you to have great 46 no matter where you are. That's why we measure our network on geographic coverage as well as population coverage — the first provider in the UK to do this.

We already have 90% of the UK covered geographically. And we're aiming for 95% by 2020. So. from drones to signal boosting balloons. we're going big to help you get connected.

gift your data and keep

the whole family happy

Kids always running out of data? Move it from your plan to your family‘s in just a few clicks - all need is two or more plans on your account. Adding them to your account is easy if they're already on EE. (so is switching them over to us if they're not).

ee extras

All for you, just for being on EE

Free Apple Music

Six free months of Apple music, plus we’ll cover the data you use to listen in the UK.

Free EU Roaming

Use your minutes , texts and data across the EU at no extra cost.

Data Caps

You’ll never go over your data allowance by accident, so you can always control your spending at home and abroad.

WiFi Calling

No coverage? No problem. Call and text wherever you have WiFi

UK & Ireland call centres

All customer calls are answered in the UK and Ireland by our friendly, experienced team.


3 months free access to

the BT Sport app

To say thanks for being with us, pay monthly mobile and tablet customers get a special sporting treat: three months free BT Sport on your phone and connected tablet.

Text SPORT to 150 and register for a BT ID. Download the BT Sport app and get watching!

MY EE. Simple. Smart. Speedy.

With My EE you can check your data usage and stay in control of your spending 24/7. Go further with the My EE app, which links up with your contacts so you'll see names rather than numbers on your bill.

It's a totally personal experience.


Network Status Checker

Stay updated with our new and improved network status checker. Choose your five most important locations, and we'll let you know how well they're running.

Short text codes

Access info quickly by texting these short codes to 150:

Al - Check your account balance and any allowances (including data usage)

Bill - Check your bill

UP - Check your upgrade eligibility

HELP - See a list of all Help text codes

Accepted Payment Methods
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