Which iPhone has the best camera?

With so many devices on the market, you want to get the best of the best so which iPhone has the best camera? There are a number of great iPhones with extremely good cameras You can also get some pretty good features out of the different smartphones too.


Apple iPhone 8 Plus

With only a dual 12MP rear camera, this device can give some seriously good images. These lenses offer some cool features like optical image stabilisation through the ultra-wide lens. The telephoto lens allows up to 2x zoom without the worry of losing any quality. The Apple iPhone 8 Plus really is a great mobile phone camera. Apple have even entirely redesigned the sensor used to create such amazing photos. To create sharper, more vibrant colours, this sensor works way faster and more efficiently.

HDR was also introduced to the iPhone 8 Plus. This can be turned off in your settings however, if you’re looking for the best photos, we wouldn’t suggest turning it off. Auto HDR will take multiple images and blend them together, taking the best bits of each photo. This gets rid of any blur or imperfections.


Apple iPhone XS Max

The Apple iPhone Xs Max is a serious competitor for this top spot for this question. The Xs Max hit shelves in September 2018 and has proved a huge success with fans, even still. It’s no surprise thought, the smartphone has a really high-quality design and the camera plays a super important part. On the rear of the phone, you’ll find a dual 12MP camera with a wide and telephoto lens. These lenses work together to produce a number of features such as optical image stabilization, 4K video, autofocus and 2x optical zoom.

When capturing a moment with this phone, you’ll realise just how good this camera is. Your photos are going to be an excellent quality with little noise. Autofocus will recognise a person’s face and follow it, adjusting as it needs to produce an amazing image. Time after time, you’ll get some seriously good results with little work from yourself.


Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

This smartphone has had a serious upgrade when it comes to it’s entire workings, not just the camera. Released in September 2019, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max caused a bit of a stir. Apple decided to step into future technology with a triple lens camera, capable of performing at the same level as competitors flagship phones. This triple 12MP camera offers a wide, ultra-wide and telephoto lens, all playing an important part in creating photos as high-quality as these.

Night mode has had a huge update too! You’ll be able to take really vibrant photos in low light situations without using the flash. You would never be able to tell that these photos were taken at night. By working closely with Apple’s A13 Bionic, this camera really does take top spot for which iPhone has the best camera.


No matter which iPhone has the best camera in your opinion, you’re sure to get some amazing photos out of them. Really sharp, full of colour and packed with detail!