Top Movies For Your iOS Handset

Watching movies on the move has never been easier. Smartphone technology has become so advanced that the screen capability is now easily on a par with high street televisions. The convenience of being able to watch a movie anywhere has captivated the imagination of millions of users and private handset screenings, from your sofa, on the train or wherever you may be is a growing trend. If you are not sure what to watch next have a look at these top grossing iTunes movies and see if there is something to take your fancy.

Avengers: Infinity Wars


In a war to end all wars, Marvel Studios brings you another stunning masterpiece. The Avengers assemble once more, and this time joined by their Super Hero partners in crime fighting they are locked in a battle to defeat  Thanos and of course the survival of the whole universe depends on it. Action packed, Avengers: Infinity Wars is a culmination of ten years work and is a comic book lovers dream movie. Rated PG-13 due to the fighting and aggression you can rent Avengers: Infinity Wars for a fiver or buy for £20 the choice is yours.

Life of the Party

life of the party

If a good giggle is more your thing then why not consider Life of the Party. Suddenly single after years of wife and mother thanks to her husband’s abrupt departure, leading lady Deanna takes back control of her life by returning to college. Cue the awkwardness felt by her daughter when it is revealed they will be sharing a class, and well you can imagine where this is going.

Deanna finds her feet, becomes Dee Rock and well causes quite a stir as she undertakes a journey of self-discovery in this hilarious comedy masterpiece. Rated PG-13 you can rent the movie for £6 or purchase it for £20 and watch it over and over again every time you need a reminder that life can begin wherever you so decide.

The Greatest Showman


Inspired by the most famous ringmaster of all, P.T. Barnum this is a circus musical spectacular. Hugh Jackman plays the man himself and retells the story of Barnum’s desire to take his vision from nothing to becoming the Greatest Show on Earth and boy did he succeed. This movie is rated PG so could be a great family treat, as you sing along or marvel at the genius behind the circus to beat all circuses. Jackman is convincing and larger than life, and there is plenty to fall in love with here. The film is on sale for £20, meaning you can watch it time and time again.

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