This is why you turn your phone to flight mode

This is why you turn your phone to flight mode

Sometimes having the ability to switch off your mobile phone without a choice can be a blessing. However, for the phone addicts this can cause major withdrawal. Many people think that having turn your phone to flight mode when flying is a myth, well it isn’t!

It may seem a huge inconvenience to passengers, but mobile phones can interfere with cockpit equipment even if the phone is not being used.

The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) stated;

“Modern passenger aircraft are heavily reliant on electronic communication and navigation systems which work on the basis of electromagnetic energy transfer and thus they can be susceptible to electromagnetic interference.”

Mobile phones and most devices that connect to the world wide web can transmit signals when trying to connect with their chosen network. If all passengers left their phone connecting to their network, then there will be hundreds of signals trying to connect during a flight. This is where a device could potentially interfere with the cockpit equipment.

A spokesperson for the CEO stated;

“Any UK airline must conduct risk and safety assessments before allowing passengers to connect their devices when flying”

After years of testing the likelihood of a mobile device interfering with flight equipment is low, however there are examples of when a phone has been the causal effect of flight incidents. In 2000 a Crossair plane crashed due to transmissions interfering with the autopilot. New flight equipment is developed to avoid any interference

The CAA’s official stance is;

“Passengers should still ensure any device remains in flight mode at all times”

Ask yourself, is it really worth it, enjoy the peace and quiet of disconnecting from the digital world for a few hours!