top 5 apps january 2019

The Top 5 Apps 2019

With the millions of apps available on the Google Play and iTunes store it can sometimes be a little over whelming trying to decide which ones are worth downloading. Which is why we are kicking off the new year with our top 5 favourites for 2019.

Microsoft Office Suite

Our top pick for business apps has to be Microsoft Office Suite. This free app will allow you to quickly and easily view, create, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents across all your devices and while on the go with a user-friendly interface and full compatibility with all Microsoft formats. And, unlike some other apps, you won’t have to worry about running out of storage space with 15GB free cloud storage.  There is a “Pro” version that will come at a cost but we have found that the free variant is more than up to your every day tasks.

Perfect for any business and for working on the go it doesn’t get any better than Microsoft Office Suite!


For the best sporting app to help you keep up to date with your favourite team look no further than theScore! This free app allows you to quickly and easily find the latest sporting news, scores, and statistics with its easy to navigate interface theScore will make sure you never miss an update. And, best of all, this app will even allow you to create a personalised feed of your favourite sports and teams making it even easier for you to find the scores you want at the touch of a button.

To never miss a score again we recommend theScore!

Quiz Live

Answer 12 questions in a row to get the top prize of £1000, but get one wrong and you are out! Even if you lose, you could still be in with a chance of being the top scorer for the day and that could earn you a nice £150. The £1000 prize will be split between everyone who answers every question correctly.

Its multiple choice and you get 3 answers to pick from (so even if you don’t know you can always have a guess) The quiz starts off with some easy questions that get more difficult as the game goes on. Each question is limited by a ten-second timer. The quizzes are daily, and you get a heads up of times in advance, but they seem to be between 1pm and 8pm.

Happy Quizzing!


For a great fitness app suitable for people of all physical levels we went with RunKeeper! Whether you are looking to get into shape, or are training for a marathon, this free app can help with all your fitness needs. Runkeeper tracks your pace during your workouts. It measures your workout distance, and allows you to set realistic training goals to help encourage you every step of the way. We particularly love this app because it has the ability to automatically connect to your phone’s music app. This enables you to have the perfect soundtrack for your workout. It also provides you with audio updates on your pace and total mileage to help keep you on track throughout your workout.

Create your own workout or follow a training plan and get yourself in shape this year with RunKeeper!


BONJOUR! After looking at many apps that can assist you to greatly improve your linguistic skills, we decided that Duolingo were at the top of the listing. Widely regarded as the top app for studying, Duolingo makes learning a new language fun, fast, and, best of all, its free. Duolingo allows you to practise reading, writing, speaking, and listening through completing in-app lessons, answering questions, and even playing games! Duolingo has even begun to be used in schools and universities throughout the world, so you know you’re getting a reliable app that you can trust.

With over 80 different courses in 37 different languages you’re bound to find a course to suit you with Duolingo!