The Sony Xperia 5 Displays Quality

Sony’s Xperia range has always been a good set of phones. Sony has focused on bringing some of the best looking and best-displaying phones to the market. The Sony Xperia 5 is a great addition for Sony as it means that they are not directly competing against the latest and greatest phones from Samsung and Apple.

Unique Aspect

With the emphasis on media with this phone, Sony has given us a 6.1-inch display with a 21:9 aspect ratio. This makes it longer and narrower than most phones, which is no bad thing. The aspect ratio is dubbed CinemaWide by Sony and this is because it is a more natural format for films and television to be presented. This means that content fits the phone better. The narrower aspect of the phone does mean that it is easier to hold though, and it fits naturally into the hand.

Quality Display

Sony hasn’t opted for a 4K display on this phone as was the case on the Xperia 1. Instead we have a 1080×2520 FullHD+ resolution display. This scaling back is a positive thing as it means that Sony has been able to focus on the performance and quality of the display much better.

They have borrowed heavily from the technology that they put into their Bravia line of televisions. This means that we get features like a true HDR from the televisions ported to the mobile device for the first time. This means that blacks are really black, and whites are crisp and clear. All this adds to some great pictures on the phone.

New Colour Technology

As well as the hardware, Sony has worked on the software as well. The HDR technology is well used as it is paired with a colour enhancement technology. This takes SDR content and upscales it to near HDR quality. This means that no matter the source things will still look good on the phone. The colour gamut on the device is also extensive and covers all of the DCI-P3 colour space. This means that you get a really solid and vivid colourscapes no matter what you are watching.

Other Features

To go with the gorgeous looking device Sony has given us a treat for the ears with a full Dolby Atmos sound system on this phone. Behind the scenes, there is a SnapDragon 855 chipset paired with 6Gb of RAM. This means that the performance of the phone is really good no matter what apps or games you are running. Storage starts at 128Gb and is expandable through the MicroSD card slot, which means that you can keep your entire collection on the device to watch when you want.

 A Great Phone with a Great Price

All together this phone delivers on the promise of being able to watch content in high quality on the go. Sony does know its stuff when it comes to making the best displays possible and this is obvious in this device. This is paired with a top-notch design that will make your phone stand out from the crowd.