samsung galaxy note 10 power and battery life

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Its all about the Power

On 7th of August the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 range will be revealed to the world by Samsung and it is an eagerly anticipated release as there are rumoured to be a lot of new innovations coming with the new phones, and whilst a lot of the features have been discussed we are here to talk about power.

Larger Capacity

The battery life on your new phone is one of the biggest factors to consider and the thing that makes most people panic when it is running out, so it is important to know what you are getting for your money. The different models of the Galaxy Note 10 are likely to feature different battery capacities in order to get the most from the model you are using.

The Note 10+ is likely to feature a massive 4300mAh, whilst the standard Note 10 will have a 3500mAh battery. This is going to give you good battery life with either phone particularly if the Note 10+ is sporting the Snapdragon 855+ processor as is currently rumoured. This should give you a good solid days use on either device whether you are using it for work or play.


With a large battery, you need a good charging method to make sure that it is full of juice, and it is rumoured that the Note 10 Plus may well feature the best in charging available with support for charging at 45W. This is a huge jump of most standard phones that feature 15W charging only.

The Standard Note 10 is rumoured to have 25W charging as well, which again is a step up from your standard 15W charging and will see the phones charged in double quick time. Despite the Note 10 Plus being capable of charging at 45W it seems apparent that Samsung will only be including a 25W charger in the box. This is similar to Apple who provide a charger for the XS Max that is below it’s maximum performance capabilities. With a number of after market chargers being available that will be capable of delivering the 45W performance, it seems that this is one of the first investments that Note 10 Plus owners will want to make.

Wireless Power

Of course being able to charge wirelessly is one of the key features of the latest range of phones and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is no exception to this and will be fully Qi wireless charging compatible. What is still not known is whether Samsung will migrate the Wireless Power Sharing feature over from the S10 range to the Note 10.

Though given that Samsung have been touting this as the killer feature of the latest range it seems likely that it will make an appearance. Indeed there are rumours circulating that the device will be able to act as a 15W wireless charging device. So if you want to give your friends a boost, or charge your Galaxy EarBuds whilst you are charging you Note 10, then it is likely you will be able to.