The Next Razr Phone from Motorola

The Next Razr Phone from Motorola

Folding mobile devices are the latest innovation that is coming out from some manufacturers. Samsung has its Galaxy Fold, and Huawei has their Mate X. But Motorola could be the next manufacturer that are releasing a foldable mobile phone. This is thanks to a teaser GIF that Motorola has released. Let’s take a look at what it tells us.

The History

Back in the 90s Motorola were responsible for creating one of the most iconic phones to appear. The Motorola Razr 3 was a classic ‘folding phone’ that was seen everywhere at the time. Celebrities and other personalities all had these phones. Though this didn’t have a folding screen, it did have a great folding design. The phone opened up to reveal the screen and the keypad on the inside of the design. This meant that it didn’t take up so much room in your pocket but still let you use it with ease. 

The Tease

The GIF that Motorola has released doesn’t give us a whole lot to work from, but it does feature the classic hinge from the Motorola Razr 3 handset. This hinge is then unwrapped to show another phone hidden inside it. The GIF has a title of ‘An Original Unlike Any Other’ and features the date of 13thNovember 2019. This acts as an invite to the event that Motorola is hosting in Los Angeles on that date. Elsewhere the text accompanying the image states that ‘you’re going to flip’ this is another call back to the classic Razr 3 phone. So whilst we can’t tell much from the image all signs are pointing towards it being something to do with a new Motorola Razr 4 phone. 

Other Details

Other rumours have been around for a while about a new potential folding phone from Motorola. The main source of information seems to come from a couple of patents that Motorola is holding on to. These show a clamshell design phone that houses a folding screen on the inside, so once the phone is opened it has a complete screen much like you would see on a regular mobile device. There is also potentially a secondary screen on the outside of the phone. This could be used for an ‘always-on’ display showing information like notifications and a clock. This could also be used to access Google assistant whilst the phone remains closed which could be useful.

Final Thoughts 

These rumours seem to suggest that the new Motorola’s specs aren’t up to the same standard as the other foldable phones on the market. This is by no means a bad thing. A more mid-range foldable phone could be great as a range of mid-range foldables will expand the market. This might be a new style of device rather than the phone/tablet conversion style devices that have come out and great consumer choice is always great. Suffice to say we will have to wait until the event in November to find out more about the device.