The Next Galaxy Note is right around the corner

Whilst we are still waiting to hear exactly what is going on with the Samsung Galaxy Note new model there are certainly a number of rumours circulating about it.

The Basics

There is a major Samsung event taking place on August 7thand this is likely to be the event that features the release of the new Galaxy Note. With a release date to follow towards the end of that month.

The name of the new device hasn’t been confirmed yet, and whilst it seems highly likely that it will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, this does clash slightly with an older model phone from back in 2012 when Samsung released the Galaxy Note 10.1 similar but different, but could cause some confusion, but we will see. That being said, Samsung have always been pretty straight forward with their naming conventions and their flagship phones have been ‘10’s so this one is likely to follow suit.

The Design

The Note 9 was very reminiscent of the Note 8, and it was criticised for this. Samsung have been listening apparently and the new Note has supposedly undergone a design refresh and should be quite different from previous models.

The S10s have sported the infinite display and punch hole camera arrangement for maximum display on the front of the phone, so the new Note could go this way as well. They have also included fingerprint scanners embedded into the display and it is highly likely that this feature will also be brought over to the new Note.

The rear has been the basic three lens camera arrangement and nothing else, and so this is highly likely on the new Note as well. Recent renderings of the phone suggests that this exactly the way that Samsung have gone with it, but until August we won’t know for sure. 


It is confirmed however that the headphone jack will not be making an appearance. This seems to be the route that Samsung have gone with their phones, so it is likely to continue on the new Note. Cynics may see this as Samsung’s way to try and push their Galaxy Earbuds, but we will see what happens with them.

Other Features

Like the headphone jack, it seems that physical buttons are also destined to be discarded and there were rumours around that the new Note might have only capacitive touch buttons, however at the last minute this decision appears to have been reversed.

Whether Samsung will keep the dedicated ‘Bixby’ button, something that hasn’t been well received by the market, along with the actual Bixby product as well, remains to be seen. But, Samsung are certain to want to keep competing with Amazon and Google in the ‘virtual personal assistant’ space so this may well remain.

It is also possible that we may see some variety in screen sizes with the new Note, with the base model expected to match the S10 Plus in size. Expect 5G connectivity also.