apple iphone XI 2019

The Newest iPhones on the Block in 2019

It’s that time of year again, when the rumours start appearing about the next great iPhone. Apple normally aims to bring out their new iPhone models in the Autumn with details leaking over the summer, so we are here to see what details we can let you know about that have already appeared.

In terms of names, it is not even clear what the next generation of iPhones will be called, because after the standard numbering up to the iPhone 8, we then jumped to the iPhone X. So, it could be the iPhone 11, but it seems more likely that they will go with iPhone XI, but who knows.


Bigger is better or so they say, and Apple has always attempted to give us the best possible display on their phones, with the introduction of retina displays, things leapt forward, so I am sure we can see something good in the new range. Expect a range of sizes, last year’s iPhone X had sizes at both 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches on release, with the XR appearing afterwards as a stripped-down version at the 6.1-inch mark.

Expect similar or slightly larger models to come out this year. Whether it is three at once, or a two and one deal again like last year.


Apple have always prided themselves on design and expect to be the market leaders in this area, but whether things will vary much over last year’s models, we don’t know at the moment. So, we still don’t know whether we will still get a notch, or the more recent cut off infinity display style phone. The rear is expected to go with frosted glass though, so this will be a nice addition, and there are rumours of a frosted green colour to go along with it, apple trying to go green maybe?


iPhone’s have always had really good cameras on their phones, and this is expected to continue, with the expectation that there be a triple lens affair on the rear of the phones, but this is still not confirmed. Top models from other manufacturers have even moved to a four-lens model, but whether Apple will follow this is not known. Renderings have appeared showing an iPhone with what appears to be a triangular triple lens arrangement on the rear, so this is a possibility, though with renderings it is always hard to tell how accurate they are likely to be.

Other Details

Apple will no doubt up the power of the chipset and refresh the software, with some suggestions that the 3d touch interface may be for the chop. This didn’t appear on the XR model last year and was no great loss. In terms of connectivity 5G is expected on some, if not all models, as this is the go-to technology this year and most manufacturers have started producing their offerings whilst the network is still rolling out so that people are ready for it. Apple is sure to follow suit.