the future of the iphone

The New iPhone Due in 2020

With E3 and other tech shows hitting their summer peak, now is the time that rumours about next year’s phones have started flowing and we are here to look at what might be going on with Apple and the iPhones next year.


Apple have always been strong on design, and the rumours suggest that a design refresh might be on the cards for the new iPhones. The design has been fairly static for a couple of years, so a refresh is likely. The trend recently has been for doing away with the front notches and going for the more hidden cut out, but it is suggested that Apple aren’t going with this trend.

One thing that has popped up is a rendering showing an iPhone with a triangular triple lens rear design, so this could be the way things go. The front notch will no doubt be reduced in size if it stays and Apple are keen to update their True Depth Camera on the front so this will no doubt have an impact on the look of the thing.


Rear cameras are one area which constantly gets attention and Apple are likely to do the same. The focus lately seems to be more lens’ on the rear, and Apple may will go with this. The renderings mentioned above suggest that at least a triple lens could be used, but they could push it to four on the max products. It will certainly be interesting to see where they land up after all is said and done.


5G is the big thing at the moment and Apple are likely to certainly release models with 5G if not have all phones with 5G. This gives better all round internet speed on the go. There were concerns that Apple may struggle with 5G as they were going to use a chip from Intel.

However following Apple and Qualcomm coming to an agreement, then it is expected that Apple will switch to using Qualcomm modems in their new phones, which will mirror the android phones that use the same chips. One analyst said “We believe that the content of Apple and Qualcomm’s previous settlement includes Qualcomm’s release of partly 5G baseband chip source code to Apple for Apple’s development of own 5G PA/FEM” 

New Model

Previously Apple have released three models. The two XS phones, and then the XR phone as a more ‘budget’ replacement. It has been suggested that Apple may look to add a fourth more budget model with a smaller screen than the XS, at a 4.7 inch size. This would be aimed at consumers who don’t purchase the latest model.

They tend to go for one model behind, and so would currently have iPhone 8 that Apple would be looking to replace. This would be a cheaper model in the current range that is for people with a smaller budget but want to stick with Apple. Whether the iPhone stick with the current screen sizes or shift slightly remains to be seen.