The Cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro Max

The launch of a new iPhone series is always a big event, and almost certainly the handsets they release will go onto be bestsellers. It seems that the iPhone 11 series will be the same as it was unveiled this week to a myriad of media and press reporters as well as millions who joined the keynote speech as it streamed online. From the Steve Jobs lecture theatre in California, Tim Cook played host and introduced the new line of products including the iPhone 11 series and the team who spoke were all delighted and proud to boast about the latest cameras and why not, they are stunning.

Triple Rear Camera

So, if you have seen images of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, you will be aware that there is a significant change to the rear camera housing. Gone is the long traffic light style arrangement we saw on the iPhone XS Max and in its place a square frame that holds three lenses which is a step up from the last handset. It is sitting off to one side, and the lenses are arranged in a random group along with an LED flash. The three lenses are all 12MP offerings, but there are a lot of differences from the previous handset which feature two 12MP lenses. 

What’s Changed?

On the iPhone XS Max there were two 12MP lenses, a standard wide lens and a telephoto lens, these are both back and bring with them the inclusion of an ultra-wide lens, and there is a significant performance upgrade to the whole set up in terms of both hardware and the supporting camera software making this the most powerful camera phone that Apple has ever released. 

Toggle Between Lenses

As you are aware, when you set a photo up on your mobile, the screen displays what the lens can see. By default, the new ultra-wide lens is what you see, but if you want to look at the wide lens or telephoto lens, you can simply swipe at the zoom toggle and change between all three views. Put simply the wide lens shows what you see at 1x zoom, the telephoto lens allows you to zoom in up to 10x and the ultra-wide lenses is a zoom out as if you took a step back to 0.5x zoom. 

Another new addition is Night Mode for low light and night time photography and this, to be honest, is a bit of a catch up for Apple as many other phone cameras have had this function for some time. But, as usual with Apple, the new addition is brilliant, really well done and offers great low light capture without noise. 

Selfie Time

When it comes to the front-facing camera, you get a single lens which has been upgraded from the 7MP used on the previous generation to another 12MP for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The lens also has a wider reach, meaning you can get more in the shot, and it introduces something the team at Apple have named ‘Slo-fie’ which is the ability to capture slow-motion video.