The best smartphones for making movies

The best smartphones for making movies

The camera has become one of the most important factors in deciding which smartphone to buy, but with the focus normally being on the ability to take good quality photos it can sometimes be hard to tell which handset would be best for recording video. Here at Metrofone we want to help, so here are our top three choices for the best smartphone for making movies!

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro

If you’re looking for a smartphone for photography then look no further than the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Huawei have made themselves known for creating stunning handsets with impressive cameras, and their newest handset is no different. With its triple rear camera functionality the Mate 20 Pro allows for the best quality photos seen in smartphone technology. The huge 40MP rear camera is joined by a second 20MP camera and a third 8MP camera which all work in unity to create crystal clear images. Combining this with a generous 6.39 inch high resolution display and a large 128GB memory capacity the Mate 20 Pro is easily one of the best smartphones on the market for all your photographic needs. Huawei handsets also come with a wide variety of features for the cameras ranging from high definition recording to the optimised Leica optics. But our favourite feature has to be the extraordinary night mode: When activated night mode automatically adjusts the exposure time and exposure levels to allow for photos with incredible quality and clarity even in low light situations.

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

For user-friendly operation coupled with impressive camera capabilities you can’t beat the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. With a large 6.2 inch super AMOLED display coupled with dual 12MP dual aperture cameras the S9 Plus is perfect for photography and film with the ability to record video in 4k HD and display it with the same clarity. The S9 Plus also gives you the choice between 64GB, 128GB, or even an impressive 256GB internal memory with the added option of further storage through the addition of a microSD card ensuring that the S9 Plus is the perfect smartphone choice to make sure you never run out of storage for all your videos. And with Pro mode providing greater customisation of the camera functionality allowing you to adjust the focus, white balance, and exposure to best suit your needs and even with the option of recording super slow motion video the S9 Plus is perfect for professional quality recording at an affordable price. But our favourite thing about the Galaxy S9 Plus has to be that, due to its use of Android system software, all files you record will be compatible with a wide range of editing software allowing you to create professional quality movies from the comfort of your own home.

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The Apple iPhone XS Max

As one of the biggest named brands in smartphone technology its easy to see why Apple’s new iPhone XS Max has earned its place on this list. The iPhone XS Max comes with a dual 12MP rear camera allowing for the best image quality yet from any Apple handset, combined with an OLED super retina display the XS Max is perfect for any budding photographer. As usual with iPhones, the XS Max comes with a wide variety of functional and easy to use camera features of which our favourite has to be the stereo audio in video recording: The iPhone XS Max makes use of 4 different microphones to record stereo audio while recording audio giving your videos a professional quality that is bound to impress. Apple have even managed to resolve a known issue with previous iPhones; the battery life. The iPhone XS Max offers up to 25 hours of battery life from a full charge, more than enough to allow you to shoot large sections of film without interruption. And, best of all, the iPhone XS Max comes with 64GB, 256GB, or a huge 512GB memory capacity giving more than enough space to store all the video you record without the need for deleting other files.

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The best smartphones for making movies
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