Setting Up The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The newest flagship handset from Samsung was recently unveiled as being the next in the Note series. This is touted as being the most powerful handset on the market and can replace the need to carry a laptop as it offers office in a phone functionality. If you have just ordered your Galaxy Note 9 then you want to be sure to get it set up, and here are some of the things that we recommend you do straight away.

Metro Blog Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Setting Up A Samsung Account

Create or sign in to your Samsung account. To use your Galaxy Note 9, you don’t need to have a Samsung account, but it comes as highly recommended to do so. Samsung has loads of services for users, including features like Bixby 2 and Samsung Themes.

You will need to have an account in order to get your cloud-based storage, and with 15GB on offer for free, it would seem silly not to. You also have access to features like find my phone, secure folder and much more if you do decide to take advantage of this feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Intelligent Scan

The Galaxy Note 9 comes with great biometric security, and you should take full advantage of this to make sure your phone remains secure at all times. When you get into the protect your phone screen, you will see that you have five options. No security at all, which is very risky and not something we would ever recommend and then four more options. PIN, pattern or password which again is not considered very secure any more, fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, facial recognition or intelligent scan.

This is the option we highly recommend, with intelligent scan you are taking iris and facial recognition together and creating the most secure security you can. Samsung has used this feature for a while, and it is reliable and fast so well worth doing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Always On Display

Next, we would recommend checking out your always on display settings. This has also been a feature of Samsung handsets for some time, since the S7 series of handsets. When the device is locked, you will still have the time, date, app notification, battery status and other features displayed. To configure these settings head to the lock screen menu in the settings app.

You can choose various clock colours and styles, and FaceWidgets are available to access things like weather, diary and alarms. If you wish you can also have contact information shown on the always on display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Display Resolution

As standard, phones ship with the display resolution set at Full HD+ (2220×1080), something Samsung has been doing since the Galaxy S8 series handsets were released. So although the Galaxy Note 9 comes set to this by default, it is such a capable phone that it makes sense to change it to the better screen resolution which is called WQHD+. This is also a settings app task and is easy to do.

This way you are giving the phone its best chance to shine, as it is more than capable of running this superior screen resolution. The reason it was limited as standard is that it requires more of the battery, and therefore it drains quicker; however, the Galaxy S9 is equipped with a whopping 4000mAh battery so really will not have any problem running this level.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen

One of the most loved features of the Note series handsets, the S-Pen is loved by users, and this time it got a whopping great upgrade making it even more useful. In the Galaxy Note 9, you will find a Bluetooth enabled S-Pen which adds massively to the functionally making it really useful. However, you need to have a look at the settings to familiarise yourself with what it does and customise it to suit your needs.

The pen can now become the remote controls for your camera and media player, and you can use it to give some pretty impressive presentations without having to lean over the phone to change slides.  In the app, you will find all the options available so head over and see what they all do.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dolby Atmos

Another feature that ships disabled, however one worth having switched on with a phone of this standard. The Galaxy Note 9 has stereo speakers that provide a great audio performance as it is; however you might as well take advantage of the full features offered.

Dolby Atmos works automatically to detect what you are playing and adapt the audio performance accordingly. It also works with the AKG tuned earphones that come as standard with this headset to enhance the in-ear performance too. This feature is easily turned on in the settings app in the sounds menu under advanced settings.

Samsung Pay

The ability to pay with your mobile phone has caught the imagination of many users, it is considered safer than contactless as the phone will only release the details when specifically asked by the user, whereas it is possible for card skimmers to pick up details from contactless cards by simply moving a card reader near the person carrying the card.

So, you may as well have this set up if you tend to use your card in a contactless way, it is safer left at home if you have Samsung Pay set up. Obviously, you will have to configure it, and this involves verification with the bank, but it is an easy process so highly recommended.

Create Your Samsung AR Emoji

Finally, and for a bit of fun, be sure to create your AR Emoji. This feature was launched by Samsung for the Galaxy S9 and unsurprisingly has made the leap over to the Galaxy Note 9. Create your very own AR Emoji by heading over to the camera app and pick AR Emoji either from the front or rear facing camera menu. Once you have taken your picture, you can then customise the hair, features, clothes and more. It is nothing more than frivolous fun but, hey you might as well.