September Brings Latest Apple Launch

An Apple launch event is a huge attraction, and the world media will battle to get tickets to the event. Millions more will be joined by fans around the world to watch the live stream which historically takes place from their village size offices in California and this year we believe it will happen on September 10th. At the event, they will showcase their latest offerings, although at the moment we can only speculate and use rumours to establish what these might be. There is a certain pattern to the events, so here is how we think it might well go down. 

New Handsets 

The highlight of the event is always the new mobile phones; we wait excitedly to see what new and clever features have been added this time, and sigh a little at the price tag knowing we will have to have it anyway. It is considered likely that there will be three new handsets this year, as that is what we have come to expect.

This means two new flagship handsets to replace the current iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and these are assumed to be the iPhone 11 series although with Apple naming conventions you never really know what they will be called until they land. What we do know is that they will probably introduce their first three-lens rear camera housing which is believed to be square in design and to avoid looking too similar to Huawei and others will be set off to one side.

To complete the line up there will probably be the second incarnation of the much loved iPhone XR. This was a cut-down handset that replaced the iPhone SE, but the amount of technology included was so awesome it became their biggest hit last year, as it is cheaper than the XS series. It is likely that this will have two rear cameras, which are an increase and will be another stellar offering with more colours to the mix. 


With more and more handsets no longer having access to a standard 3.5mm headphone jack customers are being encouraged to go wireless, and AirPods are the neatest and coolest solution we have seen. It is likely that a new set that features extra noise-cancelling technology and some water resistance will be added this year. Even more exciting will be the fact that the new handsets, which of course will be wireless charging like their predecessors, will feature reverse charging as well. This means that other wireless devices can use the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Max as a charger.

By simply placing the AirPods in their case, and popping the case on the back of the handset you can recharge your listening pleasure when you are out and about which is really useful and much easier than needing to find a power outlet. Of course, reverse charging isn’t new it was seen last year on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, but Apple likes to wait and see what happens for other companies before jumping in, and they claim to avoid any teething problems using this tactic.