Samsung VR and Smartphone Technology – Helping People With Sight Issues

There is no doubt that vision is pretty important. If we can’t see, there’s a lot that we can’t do. So when a condition or disease robs us of that sight, it’s a devastating loss. 

Technology has come a long way in trying to provide support to those who’ve experienced a loss of sight, but it is smartphone technology which has come through in recent times. How do phones and a VR headset tie into helping people to see? 

The Limitations of Past Technology

Past technology had some issues. They didn’t try and enhance the sight so much as provide a crutch for pills to use. Magnifying glasses that helped people to see, or exceptionally specialist (and expensive) technology which helped to read printed text on a computer were not adequate advancements. What this meant was that when it came to developing new and innovative software, the sky was the limit, because there was little in the way of past endeavours that borrowed so heavily from modern technology. 

Enter Iris Vision

The solution only came along recently in the form of Iris Vision. What is it? Well, it’s like a prosthetic for your eyes, enchanting the sight but trying not to be too invasive. That’s the overall aim – to ensure that people don’t wind up dealing with something that attracts a pot of attention when they are out in the world, but at the same time, they have access to sight enhancement technology. 

Tech With a Twist

However, there is one key difference to take into consideration when it comes to this Iris Vision technology. This particular system uses Samsung smartphones and VR headsets in it to get excellent quality and sight enhancement technology. 

It’s only natural to want to use systems which offer the best scope of vision possible, which is what you get here. The thing about a lot of technology is that they aren’t advanced enough to properly render all of the complexities that go into what we see every day. Focusing on small details, enhancing certain parts of an image, having a wider field of view to keep track of multiple objects – this was all input that older technology used to struggle with. Thankfully, we’re finally catching up and it could mean the start of a new age for sight-enchanting technology. 

To conclude, while it is incredible that the Samsung line of devices is finding a new life as additive technology for people who don’t have the tools to see properly on their own, we’re not quite done with the technology. What you’ll find is that people are still working to create what is known to many as the holy grail of technology for sight-enhancement – something small, single and incredibly powerful. We’re getting closer to it everyday, and we might well see smartphones lead the charge in creating it, with so many different providers making incredible leaps with artificial intelligence and better camera functionality.