Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Features

It’s clear to see the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera features are one of the biggest improvements from the Galaxy S10. The S20 Ultra has definitely been crowned with the best camera of the bunch and it’s unapologetically flaunting it.



Something new to Samsung’s S range is a quad-lens camera. You may be thinking, ‘how have they build 4 lenses into the camera?’ You would be surprised at how neat Samsung have managed to make this! Offering such a good camera whilst giving the phone such a professional feel has never been executed so well.

To shock you even more, the first lens in this pod is a 108MP wide lens. That’s right! A 108MP lens! This is closely followed by a 48MP telephoto lens, a 12MP ultrawide lens and a 0.3MP TOF 3D lens. This quad works together to give the user a super steady 8K video experience as well as lifelike depth in all photos.


Space Zoom

One of the most frustrating flaws in cameras is the quality of photos when you try to zoom in. Samsung have pulled this one out the bag. The space zoom feature allows users to zoom in up to 10 times without losing the quality of the image. You can then zoom in a further 100 times using the super resolution zoom.

High quality zooming is perfect for people who love taking wildlife photos but don’t want to scare the subject away. Supported with all the other features offered by the camera, you will come out with a flawless, detailed photograph.


Night Mode

Ever found yourself in the perfect photo opportunity but there’s just not enough light? Samsung have enhanced the new lenses allowing you to capture these perfect times!

Once you change to Night Mode, the camera lenses adjust to allow more light to enter and allow detail to be captured. It takes multiple images in one and merges them all together to create the best photo possible.


8K Video

A huge improvement in the new S20 Ultra camera is the 8K video it can now shoot in. Samsung were giving us 4K only a few years ago and now they’re knocking everyone off their feet with 8K. This means that videos will be really high resolution and super sharp.


Single Take

Single take is a crazy, futuristic addition to the S20 models, it also looks like a whole load of fun! This allows you to capture a photo in one shot. Using AI, the phone will generate a further 14 photos so you can choose the prefect take. It will save time when you’ve found the perfect setting, pose and lighting but can’t get that perfect shot.

It’s super easy to use too! All you do it open the camera up and head to Single Take mode. You simply take a photo and hold the phone steady for a few seconds and the phone will generate the rest. This is bound to be a game changer for social media!


There are far too many crazy features to round into one place however, these are definitely the top Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera features. If you’re someone who loves photos for memories, this phone is undoubtedly for you.