Samsung Galaxy S20 Deals

Newly announced mobile phones normally come with heavy price tags but the Samsung Galaxy S20 deals are sure to dismiss that myth. Samsung are giving the world a professional looking handset with performance like no other.

Working with EE closely, we can offer you the best deals with the UK’s best network for 6 years running. Disappointment is non-existent with these packages.


EE Entertainment

One of the biggest perks of joining the EE network is the amount of benefits you receive across your contract. EE work closely with your favourite brands to bring their customers perks you wouldn’t even believe! If you join the EE network, you can have access to the like of Apple News+, MTV Play and Apple Music for 6 months, completely free! You can also join BT Sports for free for 3 months.

The best thing about all these perks is that you can make use of all available benefits, rather than having to select just one. EE are always building new relationships with your favourite brands, offering their customers some of the best perks in the market.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Data Deals

We have worked to offer a range of data deals, suitable for everyone. Whether you need lots of data or just a pinch, we’ve got the perfect package. EE now offer unlimited data options, perfect if you’re always on the move. The best thing about it? They aren’t going to burn a hole in your pocket!

If unlimited data is a bit too much for you, you can pay a lower monthly cost for a smaller amount of data. Wi-Fi is everywhere nowadays so you may not need all the data in the world.


Budget Friendly Packages

Nowadays, people tend to keep an eye on all expenses and snatch up the best bargain. For all those who do, we offer amazing cashback deals to take the costs down. We offer both redemption and automatic cashback.

Redemption deals tend to take your effective line rental down a lot more than automatic deals. This cashback is paid by customers claiming with their network bills on specific dates through the contract.

Automatic cashback is great if you’re forgetful as there’s no need to claim! It’s paid in full by Metrofone after 90 days straight into your bank account. It tends to be a nice little surprise!


No matter whether you’re searching for a simple, cheap package or a monthly contract with it ALL, we’re sure we’ve got what you need.