samsung galaxy s10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was the focus of the launch event a couple of weeks ago and is the next S series incarnation following on from the popular S9. Preorders were huge, and it is proving to be a popular handset but what is it actually like to own and use?

Stunning Screen

The first thing that will strike you is the quality of the display, without a doubt, it is the best on the market at the moment, and it is rather stunning to look at with the screen curving gently away at the edges. As a handset, it is a work of art, and we certainly have no complaints with the aesthetics of the phone, it is beautiful and comes in pearl white, green or the more traditional black finish. Rather than the notch that spoils the top line of the screen, this is the first handset to feature cameras cut into the glass, and yes that is cameras as the front-facing camera on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus now has two lenses. On the S10 and S10e, you will have to content yourself with one lens, but the cutting into the glass is undoubtedly pretty nifty and changes the gameplay on front facing camera housing forever. We would expect to see other flagship phones following suit, but lower-end handsets probably won’t get this treatment just yet. It still obscures that part of the screen when viewing full-screen video, but it be fair it is just so cool that we forgive them for not solving that particular problem.

Triple Rear Camera

The rear camera set up on the S10 Plus features three lenses, and this is the same on the whole range, so there is no benefit to the Plus when it comes to rear camera magic, but the setup is fresh and looks the business. Whereas some manufacturers have opted for a quad design with three lenses and the LED flash, Samsung has lined them up across the back of the phone, and it looks really good. With a 12MP, 12MP telephoto and 16MP wide-angle lens set up you certainly get the power to create some really great shots that mean you probably do not need to take a separate camera out and about with you now. Don’t worry if you are not a natural shutterbug because Samsung has added a lot of clever software to support your endeavours and the phone will make you look totally professional all of the time.


Overall, with the big 4100mAh battery and many other features we have to say that we are little bit smitten with this new offering, It certainly gives other plus size handsets a run for their money and it is currently one of the best on the market. If you are an S series fan and considering an upgrade, you will not be disappointed, and we have some of the best pay monthly deals just waiting to tempt you over on the S10 Plus page.