Juicy Rumours on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

It’s safe to say that 2020 has brought some new and interesting smartphones into the mix, and here are the juicy rumours on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Following the success of the first variant in 2019, Samsung have made some improvements to make it even better for this year.


Release Date and Prices

It took Samsung quite some time to actually drop the Samsung Galaxy Fold so it comes as a shock that they’re so quickly working on releasing the next addition. There were numerous delays that caused the original fold to be pushed back months. So far, there has been no news to indicate that the #fold 2 will have the same delays. In fact, it’s expected to be released as soon as August. This means we only have a few more weeks before all the rumours are dissolved or confirmed. It’s not yet confirmed which date, however August is a good guess.

The month August as the release date comes from a range of different sources, some claiming the 5th as a reliable date. This follows rumours suggesting the Note 20 release, suggesting Samsung will be releasing this year’s Note and Fold in the same event. From there, you should be able to pre order the phones up until the dispatch date, expected to be the 20th August. This is likely, seeing that previous releases from Samsung are along the same sort of timeline. A lot of sources have come out and explained that the release may be pushed back to September, due to the pandemic.

Whilst the date of release hasn’t yet been confirmed, we have a pretty good idea, the same goes for the price of the handset. A lot of sources have been discussing just how much this one smartphone is going to cost. Rumours currently suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is going to cost between £1500 -£2000, possibly making it a lot more expensive than a lot of flagship handsets on the market at the moment.


What we know about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

We have seen quite a few different leaks and renders concerning the Galaxy Fold 2 however, nothing about the phone has been confirmed by Samsung just yet. A recent render of the smartphone suggests that the selfie camera is in fact a punch hold camera off centre of the screen. This is of course to make sure that the camera doesn’t disrupt the fold. Once the phone is folded, the camera would sit in the centre of one screen. You can also see that there are larger bezels on each size of the screen, taking away from the overall full screen experience.

Whilst this sort of layout on the Fold 2 is likely, there have been 2 other designs suggested. One sits with the selfie camera on the other side and the ear camera on the opposite side too. Another design suggests a DS sort of layout with the phone opening upwards rather than to the side. It’s also expected that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 follows a close design as that found on the Galaxy S20 and suggested on the Note 20 too. This would make a lot of sense as this is Samsung’s flagship handset of 2020 so they may choose to follow that design.

One thing that has shocked people tracking the Fold 2 rumours is the idea of a stylus being added in 2020. Different rumours really have clashed in this sense, some specifying the S Pen will not be included whilst others hinting towards it. The rumours following the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 are really causing quite the stir this year.


More Rumours and Expectations

A lot of different whispers suggest that the screen on the front of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be having a makeover and possibly being enlarged. This will make reading notifications and answering calls far easier. On last year’s edition, the cover display was 4.6 inches so it would make a huge difference to see this improved.

Unlike the original Fold, the Fold 2 may actually be water and dust resistant, matching the S20. This would be great as a lot of consumers rely on this feature for different reasons. Taking photos by the pool, protecting your phone from spillages and even using it in the rain safely all require some sort of resistance against water.

Now, there are of course a huge amount of rumours around the camera system on the Fold 2. In fact, it is expected that there will be a 108MP lens featured. This would make for some exceptionally eye catching, detailed photos. Alongside this lens, it’s also rumoured that there will be a camera with 5x optical zoom. This is pretty steep seeing as the original Fold didn’t have a camera close to this level. A much more believable rumours suggests a 12MP lens with a 12MP ultra wide angle lens.

There have also been a few suggestions to say that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will have a similar set up to the one found on the S20. This would give the new Fold a 12MP, 16MP and 64MP lens in the camera set up. Either way, we’re sure that the camera that does feature on the Galaxy Fold 2 is going to be extremely high end and offer some of the best photographs from a smartphone.


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