Samsung Galaxy A71 Camera Features

One of the best budget smartphones of 2020 is the A71 and the Samsung Galaxy A71 camera features will explain exactly why that is. Samsung have always been very good at creating affordable technology whilst staying up to date with recent trends. With the Galaxy A71, you get all the latest technology, a fun design and an amazing price. This really is one of the best smartphones on the market right now.


Camera Set Up

Arguably, cameras are one of the most important parts of any smartphone, that’s why they’re improving so quickly. Any smartphones released in the last few months have really been competing in the camera fields. With the A71, you get to enjoy a powerful quad lens camera. In this set up, you’ll find a 64MP main camera, 12MP ultra wide lens, 5MP depth lens and a 5MP macro camera. Each of these lenses will offer you a completely different shooting style, giving you the chance to capture memories perfectly. All your photos will be super detailed and high resolution.

From the main lens, you can expect some of the highest quality photos you’ve seen from a smartphone. You will take most of your photos with the 64MP lens as it’s the most versatile of them all. It offers a clear, regular image with no creative angles of lengths. Even in low light situations, this lens is going to produce quality photos. The next lens on the A71 is the ultra wide lens. With any regular lens, you can capture around 80° of the world around you. This ultra wide camera offers up to 123° without any extra work from yourself.

With the last two lenses, you can expect something a little more exciting when it comes to the shooting style. From the depth camera, you’re going to be able to create far more professional photos, especially when it comes to your portraits. You are able to blur out the background and make everything in front pop. Finally, the macro lens. This is again, a very different shooting style, creating images that are very specific. This wouldn’t be the camera to use when you’re taking group photos. Instead, this camera zooms right in to find details you’ve never seen before.


Samsung Galaxy A71 Camera Features

Different camera features will always come from the different lenses. One lens doesn’t have the capabilities to hold all the different features, that’s why you see larger camera set ups recently. We’ve all seen extremely professional photos that create these mouth water images and most of the time, that’s due to the clarity of the lens. With the macro camera, you’re going to get pure clarity in all your close up photos. By pulling out details you’ve never even noticed before, you’re going to experience higher quality images that aren’t even imaginable.

Super Steady technology has also been built into the device for a smooth video at all points. Whether you’re on the move, trying to capture what’s around you or filming someone in action, you can experience an extremely smooth video. Working alongside the ultra wide camera, you are able to film in all sorts of styles with the perfect quality. Enjoy an adventurous life with your memories captured in high detail. Of course, you will need to get the right viewing angle and frame whilst filming in the right conditions to get the best videos.

Bokeh effect is something that has become more and more impressive over the last few years. We’ve seen it come far from where it first started, being far more accurate nowadays. With the depth camera, you’re able to bring a whole new depth of field to your photos to make them really pop. Lose any unwanted noise in the background whilst pulling attention to your subject. You’ll see true beauty and textures that you can see in true life.


More to know

Whilst the rear camera is the most impressive part of the camera set up, the selfie camera is pretty powerful too. On the front of the phone, you’ll find a 32MP lens. This is going to give you some of the clearest selfies throughout the day. All your photos will be high resolution and detailed. You can even add a slight blur to your photos for a more creative and professional image all around.


Whilst the Samsung Galaxy A71 camera features are some of the best, this phone also carries so many more amazing capabilities. If this sounds like the smartphone for you, make sure to check out our best Samsung Galaxy A71 deals right now.