samsung galaxy s11 rumours

Rumours Rife on the Samsung Galaxy S11

The next Galaxy S series release from Samsung is due in February 2020. As one of their flagship ranges, these handsets always generate a lot of interest so it is no surprise that rumours are already circulating about what we might be able to expect when this phone is released. 

We Might Know What it Looks Like

Leaked renders are a dangerous thing, sometimes they are accurate and depict the handset well, however many times they are misleading and works of fancy. The renders we have for the new Galaxy S11 series do actually look pretty good, so we are hoping that they are going to prove to be spot on the money.

As usual, we are expecting three handsets in the range with the standard phone measuring 6.63 to 6.7. It appears that the curvature on the screen that became familiar and synonymous with the Galaxy S10 has now disappeared, and the screen is flatter but is definitely an infinity screen and looks absolutely stunning. The front-facing camera housing is the neatest of pinholes, while over on the rear a large square camera housing seems to contain five lenses which will be a definite bonus. Overall the new Samsung Galaxy S11 will have more significant dimensions than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S10

Is Bigger Better?

For fans of the plus-size handsets, the render for the Samsung Galaxy S11+ has a very similar design to the standard size, but obviously, it does have a bigger screen which comes in at an expected 6.9 inches. This is a really large screen for a mobile and almost puts it in the phablet arena. Again the overall dimensions are expected to be bigger than the corresponding phone in the S10 series. 

The Little Brother

So what can we expect from the smaller Samsung galaxy S11e? Well again the design of the handset fits with the whole series but this time when turning the handset over the rear camera mount appears to be rectangular in shape and only have three lenses. When it comes to size, it is speculated that we are looking at a display size somewhere in the region of 6.2 to 6. 3 inches. There are a few other things that have been leaked, and one is potentially new screen technology that will be the selling point of this range.

Keeping an eye on trademark registrations helps us to determine what mobile phone manufacturers might be up to and Samsung recently registered a new screen the SAMOLED which is clearly a Samsung take on the AMOLED but quite what makes it so unique you will have to wait-and-see. Some detail about colour has been leaked as well with the standard grey black and blue on offer, and the Samsung galaxy S11e also offering a pink version. The final question is where Samsung will pick for the launch and of course February is the month for the Mobile World Congress, so this would make the perfect venue.