EE Personalised Mobile phone plans

Personalised Plans – The Smart Offering From EE

We all know that EE is a company which has been well-documented as trying to do the best for its customers. It’s part of the reason why we work with them – we admire their commitment to giving people the finest in terms of network coverage and mobile phone plans.

So that’s why when we heard that they were introducing smart plans into their world, we were pretty interested to see what a personalised offering from the company looked like. That’s why we’re going to be taking a tour of their new ‘personalised smart plans’, and seeing exactly what’s on offer.

So, What’s on Offer?

Okay, let’s take a look at what EE is offering to people and how it can affect the user experience. Their personalised smart plans are split into three categories, with each offering a unique set of services. For example, there’s the Video Pass, which allows you to catch up on your favourite shows and stream movies via providers like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Alternatively, you’ve got something like the Music Pass, which has been designed to give you access to things like Spotify and Apple Music. Alternatively, there’s the Roaming Pass, which lets you take your mobile plan abroad with you and not have to work out some crazy international option.

Now, these options in themselves aren’t uncommon, so what makes this different? Well, what’s cool about these options is that when you want to, you can swap them out for something entirely different, during your plan.

What we mean by this is that you can go from listening to music to the Video Pass to watch the latest films, and then to the Roaming Pass to jet set to another country entirely, and you can do it whenever you want within your plan. Cool, right?

What Do We Think?

If you’re someone who wants to be able to get in on this plan, then you’re going to need a monthly payment contract with the company, but it’s a good idea. This smart plan is exceptional, and it will help to ensure that you get access to a level of flexibility that will make your experience a positive one.

We all want to be able to get the best from our experiences, and EE has found a great way to make this happen. You would be wise to consider what they have to offer because it’s some of the best we’ve seen.

Overall, we’re pleased that this has come from EE because they’re an organisation which we work very closely with. In truth, it’s an excellent idea – being able to switch benefits on the go is very enticing and not something that we often see done correctly.

However, there’s no doubt that EE can make this work because they’re a company who cares about the satisfaction of their customers, and so they try and give people whatever they need. We know based on that alone, it’ll be a success, and we wish them well.