one plus music festival sign up

OnePlus Fans Can Now Sign Up for Their First Music Festival

Last month OnePlus announced its plans to launch a music festival and registration for early access to ticket sales are now available. So if you want to be amongst one of the first people to be notified when the tickets are released for this event you should sign up now.

 Details about the festival are slowly emerging as they build tension and one of the first bits of information to be released is the where and when. The festival takes place on November 16th in Mumbai, India. That’s right the D.Y. Patel Stadium in will play host to the festival later this year which is pretty exciting news and we cannot wait. So if you want to attend then you can head over to the website right now, register and clear your schedule for that day.

55,000 Seat Venue

 The line up for the festival has yet to be confirmed, but the venue is huge so there have to be some big names. OnePlus have indicated that the festival will feature a mixture of both local as well as international artists. Although no information has yet been forthcoming about the lineup, or the ticket prices, OnePlus have indicated that there will be some exciting information about the festival being revealed in the next few weeks. 

 OnePlus is known for holding community events for its fans, though this is the first time that they have arranged a music festival. They are looking to try and achieve some synergy between music fans and technology fans and recently said “Music grabs the essence of the soul, bridges communities and transcends language. This year, we merge the wonder of music and the power of technology to bring you an immersive experience, curated and designed by OnePlus. A celebration of music and community.”

Headline Rumours

 Over on the OnePlus forums there is a lot of speculation about who is likely to appear at the festival, with many different big names being quotes or speculated about. Two names that do keep cropping up in connection with the event are Katy Perry and Dua Lipa. Katy Perry previously played at the opening of the 2012 Premier League in India and was hugely popular with the concert totally sold out. If she was indeed to return this would be a huge draw for the festival.

 Dua Lipa had a self titled studio album that spawned seven singles when it was released back in June 2017. Since then she has had two top ten UK hits, and reached number one with Calvin Harris in 2018, with the track “One Kiss”. She has also won three Brit awards and two Grammy Awards for her work. Her fan base is huge making her another great draw for the festival.

 It remains to be seen though, whether either Katy Perry, or Dua Lipa are going to be performing at the festival, or whether it just wishful thinking from fans. What is certain though is the OnePlus are dedicated to providing for their loyal fans, and will continue to support them with things like exclusive access to ticket sales and other community events as they continue to challenge in the smartphone market.