OnePlus 8 Teases

There are quite a few OnePlus 8 teases flying around social media platforms and tech blogs at the moment. It’s probably due to their huge fanbase! It’s about time that these rumours start circling as all hard-core OnePlus fans will be digging for their next big advance in technology.


When will the OnePlus 8 be released?

OnePlus normally release their flagship handsets in May of each year so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if we hear about the phone then. There are a few sources that claim the OnePlus 8 will be launching earlier than expected in early April. It is expected that the smartphone will launch globally rather than its normal rollout. You can be pretty certain that the device will be released before Summer this year.


What will it look like?

There are some fairly big differences in the OnePlus 8 compared to its successors. The most noticeable change would be that they may have chosen to lose the water drop notch holding the selfie camera. They have created a fuller display by removing this and replacing it with a cut-out camera. We can also see from leaked photos that there may even be a curved display, never before seen with OnePlus.

The back of the phone doesn’t differ too much from previous models with a super sleek design and a stacked triple-camera in the corner. We’re expecting that you’ll be able to get your hands on this smartphone in either silver or blue.


How much will you have to pay out?

There has been absolutely no confirmation from OnePlus surrounding the price point of their new release however, you can take a good guess based on their previous releases. The OnePlus 7T was released at around £550+ and we can’t see it getting much cheaper! Of course, the lower tier handsets will always be cheaper but it is believed that the OnePlus 8 variants will all be more expensive.

Prices entirely depend on exactly what OnePlus packs into the new phone. Talks of the OnePlus 8 Lite hint that there will be a lower tier phone for those who do want a budget friendly smartphone.


What about the OnePlus 8 camera?

Leaked images suggest that the selfie camera is likely to change to a punch-hole camera in the top left corner of the front display. This wouldn’t come to much of a surprise. All major phone brands are opting for more display and less bezel, resulting in a smaller front camera. There is a chance that we may get another pop-up front camera from the Pro version however, it has not yet been confirmed.

Further speculation and images show that there are three lenses on the back of the phone, there are not specifications as to how powerful these are. Many people believe there will be an ultra-wide lens as well as a depth sensor built into these. Previous OnePlus devices have produced some amazing photos and there’s a chance the camera could be improved.


Any big features?

A lot of fans are expecting that the device will be compatible with 5G connectivity due to huge advances in technology. People are almost certain this will be the case. Whether there are two versions or it’s packed into one phone, it wouldn’t be too surprising.

After a long time of avoiding it, reports suggest that OnePlus will move their handsets into the wireless charging era. All major flagship devices from other tech giants are compatible with wireless charging however, OnePlus have massively avoided this. If this rumour is true, prices may be higher than expected.


These are all currently OnePlus 8 rumours, they’re not yet set in stone. OnePlus could release some huge differences and shock the entire tech world; however, this is what we’re expecting to see.