OnePlus 8 Leaks – What Will We See

OnePlus 8 Leaks – What Will We See?

Rumour season is all around us again and the latest leaks are about the potential new OnePlus phone. The OnePlus 8 will be the next release in the series that have only recently released the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro but is never too early for rumours about what is coming next. We take a look at what has been revealed.

The Source

The source of the latest information is thanks to renders released on twitter by @onleaks

This user has been the source of several leaks previously and the information that they get tends to be fairly on point. The new renders were published as an exclusive on website 91mobiles and show a range of rendered images along with a rendered video of the next OnePlus handset.

What Does it Show?

One of the biggest changes shown in the renders is to the front of the phone. The completely bezel-less screen is gone. This was aided by the inclusion of a pop-up selfie camera. This seems to have been ditched on the new OnePlus 8 for a punch-hole selfie camera instead. If true this is likely to be to remove the mechanisms needed to operate the pop-up camera and in particular make it retract when the phone was dropped. Without these bulky mechanisms, there is room for other features to be included in the phone. So whilst the screen is no longer entirely uninterrupted, the punch-hole does minimise the disruption to the image.

Camera Quality

So apart from the front we also see several changes to the rear. This includes a new four-camera lens system on the rear. The three lenses that we have come to expect joined by a 3D Time of Flight sensor. This is something that has started appearing on a number of the top of the range smartphones during 2019 and in particular, can be seen on the top handsets from Apple and Samsung. Therefore it is not surprising to see it as an addition here. This sensor helps with things like bokeh effects and making the other three lenses work together well to take the best photos possible, so hopefully, this is a feature that will stay on the phone.

Other Changes

Though obviously, it is hard to tell much from a few renders the other changes that seem to be evident are tweaks to the screen. This appears to be slightly smaller than on the OnePlus 7T. It appears to have a slightly narrower aspect to it, so expect to see aspect ratios on the screen changed. That being said the thickness of the phone appears to be the same as on the previous 7T model. What we do know is that there is still a while before this phone will be officially announced so expect to see several changes and different rumours appear around this phone. We will, of course, keep on top of all of them and bring you more information just as soon as we know it.