New Offer: Sony Xperia 10 + Free headphones

Getting the perfect handset can be a mammoth task, after all there are so many to choose from, but we all love to get something free, and currently there is a stunning offer on the Sony Xperia 10 that comes in the form of some free wireless headphones, so why not have a read and see if this could be the handset for you.

Super Widescreen Technology

The major selling point of this fantastic new handset is the widescreen arrangement that makes it totally unique and bring you the best in widescreen performance never before seen on a mobile phone. Whether you are an online gamer or love to stream movies the aspen ratio on this handset brings a totally awesome viewing pleasure that has to be seen to be truly appreciate and believe us it really is amazing. The handset is long and thin and features a 6-inch screen, but it is the aspect ratio of 21:9 that sets this apart from everything else on the market. In landscape mode, the movie like viewing is first class and brings the home cinema experience to life, and in portrait mode, you can split the screen with ease to multitask and do more than one thing at once, which is perfect for the busy user. Holding onto this handset is a joy; it has a lovely weight a feels easy to use with just one hand, Sony has really created a masterpiece here.

Perfect Pictures Every Time

There are so many fantastic features on the new Sony Xperia 10 it is hard to pick out just a few for you. The dual camera lens is undoubtedly a boon and brings some of their best photographic technology to help you create perfect pictures that truly capture the moment and of course look totally amazing when viewing on your stunning widescreen handset. The camera has two lenses, one of which is a 13MP offering and this main lens is ably supported by the smaller but perfectly formed 5MP lens, which when combined with the onboard software help you become the next David Bailey.

Wireless Headphones

Now of course as with all handsets you will get the standard wired headphones in the box, but we have a sensational offer that gives you access to some really awesome wireless headphones from Sony. Whether you are having a movie night or sneaking some tele time on the bus to work, wireless headphones are perfect for avoiding tangled wires. If you have yet to experience the wireless headphone scene, then you can get involved free which is really quite amazing on its own. Clearly, we cannot hold this offer for long as it really is so amazing, the wireless headphones are super stylish and clever designed to pass around the back of the head meaning that even if one happens to drop out of your ear while you are running, it will not be lost forever. If you think that the Sony Xperia and free headphones could be the perfect handset for you then why not get yours ordered today.