cant go with out checking-your mobile phone during dinner

Most people can’t go through dinner without checking their mobile

New research conducted by YouGov has confirmed the levels of mobile phone addiction. 55% of British consumers can’t get through a meal without checking their mobile phone!

YouGov surveyed 2000 people asking when they used their mobile phone.

Aiming to tackle electronic device addiction national campaigns have been launched, one is Scroll Free September. This has been launched to help consumers reduce their digital connectivity while raising awareness of the UK’s population overuse of electronic devices.

phone addiciton

Tech giants like Apple and Google have launched apps and in-phone software which allows users to understand their level of connectivity. The first step for slowing down our usage is understanding how much time we spend on mobile devices.

Apple have a feature which has been specifically designed to let parents limit the amount of connection time for their children. 5Rights,  the children’s charity started by Baroness Kidron stated;

“social media was so addictive for children that the Government should classify it as “social harm” and make it carry health warnings.”

This new research was conducted to highlight YouGov’s partnership with the Future Starts Here exhibition. The exhibition is examining the UK’s ever-growing addiction to being connected with the web.

Scientists have already confirmed that checking your phone before bed can affect sleep patterns. This happens due to the Blue light effect tricking your mind into thinking it’s actually daytime.

Do you struggle with device addiction?

Try these tips to reduce your connectivity;

Take a digital detox

Set a specific time aside when you focus on avoiding social media and digital connectivity. The constant stream of emails and notifications can have a great impact on your mind.

Lock away your phone

It may sound simple, but this could be hard to do for some consumers. Try buying a mobile phone lock box. You can purchase these from sites like

No tech in the bedroom

Removing all technology from your bedroom has been proven to help your wellbeing. It stops you being affected from Blue light before sleep.