More About the LG G6

Choosing between handsets can be hard work, so will be doing our best to review them all over the coming months. Don’t forget under the deals on each handset page you will find our comprehensive lowdown, but we will also share more about them here. This week we look at the LG G6, which currently has a delightful range of pay monthly deals starting at £20. We have also secured a load of deals that come with no upfront cost, and even some with cash back to make sure you have the best range to choose from. LG has a great reputation for nailing the mid-range handset, and the LG G6 is a great example.

Choice and Budget

We know that not all of our customers are looking to get the latest handsets, some people have a limited budget and others have no real desire to carry a phone that is quite so feature packed as they don’t have the time or need to use all the features. It is therefore perfect that we have a great range of lower cost options that to be fair still come with a great range of functionally and yet allow you to stay on budget The LG G6 is perfect for users who want a reliable handset that has a really stunning look and is easy to use.

LG and Android

LG uses the Android operating platform, which is of course very familiar to most people, as most mobile phones use this platform with the notable exception of iPhones. Android is an intuitive system that is easy to navigate and provides the users will full access to the Play Store meaning you can get so many additional apps you will be able to create the perfect phone.

lg g6 phone design

Stylish Design

The LG G6 is a well-designed smartphone, featuring an almost edge to edge screen. The surrounding bezel is subtle and well formed, not really intruding on the screen. The handset feels nice to hold having a good weight and eating Gorilla Glass front and back and an aluminium surround.

The screen measures a comfortable 5.7 inch which is a nice size for one-handed tying and has a stunning image clarity supported by Dolby Vision which gives it an excellent finish for streaming movies and viewing pictures in a realistic format. The phone features a nice 13MP rear camera so you can take the pictures yourself and of course, a front-facing selfie camera which is 5MP and perfect for your social selfies, and room for friends too with a wide angle lens.

Overall this is a really nice example of a mid range phone, and we know that LG owners are delighted with the results they offer. We are committed to making sure we are offering a great range of deals on every phone we have in stock, and of course, we only stock the handsets we think are really worth the money. So why not have a look at the deals we have for the LG G6 and see if this could be the next handset for you.