Meet the Motorola Moto One Macro

Finding a unique selling point is not going to be easy for any handset manufacturer these days, but Motorola has gone for a bit of an unusual selling point for this phone. Although Motorola does not release as many handsets as some of their competitors, they do ensure everything the send to market has a purpose and therefore tend to be well received. The Moto One Macro seems to be making all the right noises as it lands in the hands of the reviewers. 


The feature that they are banking on using to sell this handset comes in the rear camera housing in the form of a macro lens. On this handset, which to be fair sits in the budget end of phones, the photographic capability is very strong. On the rear of the phone, you will see that there are three lenses on the left-hand side in the now-famous traffic light arrangement.

One of these is a 2MP macro lens which lets you get right up close and personal to your subject for some cracking detailed images. This is combined with the primary 13MP lens and the 2MP depth sensor and is helping users repack the need for a separate camera when you are out and about. You can be just two centimetres away from whatever you want to capture, and you will get an incredible amount of detail when you hit the shutter release. 

The Handset 

Now, we did mention this is a budget range offering, and with this combination of camera tech v low price tag, we can see that this is going to be something of a big hit. It also has the highly sought after screen size, coming in at 6.2 inches with hardly anything wasted in the way of bezel edging.

Even the front-facing camera seems to be in a more expensive water drop notch than we would typically expect for a phone in this price bracket, so it looks like Moto is onto something here. The bigger screen is popular thanks to the trend of gaming and streaming on the go, and users will be able to watch their favourite shows or play games with a nice clear image. Building on the apparent benefit Moto has gone to town with the battery too. It has added a whopping 4000mAh battery which simply refuses to die, even with testing of an extended 10-hour use and running multiple processes we only managed to kill off 30% of the full battery life. 

The Design 

On top of this, the design is neat and tidy, and the plastic case makes this perfect for the target market. Budget handsets that are good for gaming are going to naturally garner support from the younger student generation, and plastic is much more robust than glass so less chance of damage from their accidental drops to the floor. The fingerprint scanner has been relocated and now hides cleverly in plain sight in the M logo on the rear of the handset. Overall this is a charming little phone that is set to fly off the shelves.