LG K10 – A Review

The LG K10 is a phone which hasn’t been out massively long, and it’s already managed to be a phone worth having. It’s one of those mid-range phones which is going to do well for 75% of the population, so we thought it was worth a look.

Is it as good as people say it is? That’s what we aim to find out. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the core components of the phone, and seeing just why it’s such a good thing.

The Design

Concerning design, this is a good phone for the middle range tier. The metal body is quite lovely, and you can hold it quite comfortably in hand. Sizing for the screen is 5.3”, which makes it easy to work with without being too much. If you’re not a fan of a bigger screen and want something a little less obtrusive, then this is the phone for you. There is a bit of bezel around it, but that’s a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.


The camera is something which can make all the difference when it comes to a phone. Considering the tier that this device is in, it performs very well. It has 13-megapixels, and a selfie camera on the front, so it’s not bad. The camera can be somewhat slow sometimes, but if you can learn to work with it, then you should be fine.

The Performance

So, how well does it perform? Pretty well. It’s evident by now that LG has got the phone concept down pat, and it shows in the way that they’ve made their models.

It’s a smooth and responsive device that doesn’t experience a lot of lag when you work with it. This can make all the difference for people who are looking to a system which is easy to work with. The interface is pretty standard for LG now and doesn’t’ require masses of thinking to get your way around.


The battery life is good, offering you a full day of use without the need for a charger. Considering that a lot of models can’t do this anymore, it’s no small feat. As long as you take the time to charge the device during the night, you won’t experience any problems in that regard.

Overall, this is a mobile device which has been designed to perform at the highest levels of its tier, and it’s clear that it does this and does this well. LG has worked to create a phone which has been designed to perform exceptionally well, loading the applications you need without problems and making sure that you can do everything you need to do. You won’t encounter any issues when completing tasks, and the entire device looks impressive too. This is an excellent phone for the middle tiers and would serve you well. Just make sure that you take the time to pair it with a good deal and you’ll be home free.