iPhone Xr Tricks

Every smartphone brings a whole host of features you know, and even more that you don’t know. These are our top iPhone Xr tricks to learn. These tricks range from camera tricks to hacks to make your experience easier. Learning these different secrets in your phone can help you save time and make your life a whole lot easier.


Photo Hacks

When we get rid of our iPhones and pass them on to more people, we always want to get rid of our data, just for safety. We all know the pain of clicking through every photo to delete it. It takes hours, right. All these years, there’s been a much simpler and quicker way of deleting multiple photos. In your photo gallery, select a few photos then click up top where it says ‘Photos Selected’ and multiple different photos will be selected.

For years, people have been looking for ways to completely hide photos. This is needed for so many different reasons. Some people hold multiple screenshots for present ideas and some have bank details saved in photos. For these reasons, among many others, you may need a way to permanently hide photos. Head into your photo gallery and select the photo you want to hide. Tap the share icon in the bottom left corner and tap notes. In the note, you can again tap the share icon and lock it. Now delete the photo from your gallery and you’re good to go!

When you begin to video on an iPhone, you won’t be able to continue playing music. This can sometimes ruin the vibe, especially if you’re connected to the speaker. If you want to play music whilst taking a video, there is a secret way to do this. From your camera, press and hold the camera shutter. Swipe to the right to lock the camera. Now, you’ll be able to capture the music in your video too.


More iPhone Xr Tricks

When we’re on a webpage on laptops, we’re able to search for specific words using CTRL+F. This brings up a little search bar where we can type the words we’re looking for. Surprisingly, you can actually do this on smartphones too. Head to the webpage you need to search and click on the URL bar at the top. Type the word you need to find and tap on the option under ‘On This Page’. This will bring up all possible matches, which you can navigate round using the arrows at the bottom.

If you want to show someone something in a screenshot, you can zoom in with no issues. Say there’s something in the background of a photo and you want to point it out, simply screenshot the image and tap the notification. From here, press the + sign in the bottom right corner and select magnifier. You can move this about to cover the detail you want and zoom in or out to capture more.

Spam calls are one of the most annoying thing in this day and age. If you’re someone who receives a lot of them, this trick is going to be a real life saver. Usually, spam calls will call you on an unknown number. Head into Settings > Phone and scroll down to Silence Unknown Callers. Make sure the toggle is green and you’ll no longer be contactable to unknown callers.

Another great feature that will save time and paper, is the notes app. From here, you can share lists with any contacts by tapping the share icon and selecting app people. Select your contact and they’ll be able to edit your note in real time. This is great for shopping lists and to do lists as well as so much more.


Ways to Save Time

Photo opportunities are something that don’t come up too much, but when they do, you want to capture it as quickly as possible. Opening up the camera app and searching for the right lens can be seriously difficult. Never miss another photo opportunity thanks to these iPhone Xr tricks. From your home screen, tap and hold on the camera icon. This will open up the option to take a selfie, record a wide, take a portrait or take a portrait selfie. You will never have to miss a photo opportunity in your life, capture the world at all times!

Our home screens are some of the most important things when it comes to iPhones. Some people like to have a whole bunch of different folders, some people like to have all their apps out and some people like to change it about regularly. Whichever person you are, you’ll want to move a whole load of apps around. Rather than moving them one by one, you can do them in bulk. Simply long press on a single apps and don’t let go. Using another finger, tap any other apps you want to move and you’ll be able to rearrange in bulk.

Sometimes, you need to quickly call contacts. Unlocking your phone, searching for the contact and calling them can take a bit longer than you need it to. This whole time, we could have been calling our favourite contacts in a single tap. All you need to do is add your contacts to the widgets page. Do this by swiping right and scrolling to the bottom. Tap edit and click the + next to favourites. Now, you’ll be able to call your contacts from the lock screen. This is especially great to add on a child’s phone for easy access if in trouble.


Not only are these iPhone Xr tricks, but you’ll also be able to use them on any iPhone compatible with iOS 13. Looking for an iPhone to try out these tricks? Make sure to take a look at our best iPhone deals to find the perfect match for you.