iPhone SE or iPhone 8 – Which is better?

There are so many iPhones on the market at the moment, high end and budget friendly. If you’re on a budget, is the iPhone SE or iPhone 8 more suitable? Both these smartphones are incredibly innovative and offer the best of Apple. When it comes down to it, which one comes out on top?


About the iPhone SE

Brand new to 2020, the iPhone SE has been given a makeover and reintroduced to the world. This new release brought back a few old features found on iPhones whilst keeping the best of newer Apple technology. Apple released this smartphone to open up the market for people trying to stick to a budget whilst giving them access to up to date technology. Anyone buying the SE will be able to choose from a trio of colours including Black, White and Red. This allows you to pick your perfect match, each option giving a different style.

Nowadays, smartphones have larger screens and they’re only getting bigger. Apple didn’t give into trends and actually gave the iPhone SE a 4.7 inch Retina IPS LCD display. Although this is a smaller screen, you’ll be able to see everything you want in great amounts of detail and colour. With a screen resolution of 750 x 1334, anything on screen will be clear and sharp. If you’re someone who enjoys playing mobile games or streaming your favourite entertainment from your mobile, you’ll be able to do so in the best quality and with no issues.

As a lower tier handset, you would expect to lose out on some of the greatest features. With the iPhone SE, you get to hold onto all this goodness. Apple actually decided to bring back the classic home button this year. Of course, this means users will get to enjoy Touch ID once again. Built into the home button is a fingerprint sensor allowing you to make use of this security feature. iOS 13 is also available on the new iPhone, giving you the best of further Apple security. This includes the option to sign up for sites and apps with your Apple ID.


About the iPhone 8

When the Apple iPhone 8 was released, it was an incredibly high end smartphone. Apple has introduced a range of new features and components that allowed this phone to be one of the best at the time. Sticking with Apple’s futuristic design, the iPhone 8 is available in a range of sophisticated colours, as well as supporting the all-glass design. This left the back of the phone with a very clean, expensive finish, catching reflections and direct light.  Rounded corners and edges then carry this design over to the front of the phone for an all over clean design.

Just like the iPhone SE, the 8 has a 4.7 inch Retina IPS LCD touchscreen display. At the time of release, this was a standard screen size among smartphones. A smaller screen is perfect for someone just transitioning into technology. It’s also great for anyone who doesn’t use their phone too much as it’s easy to just pop in a bag. Even though it is smaller than nowadays, you’ll still be able to view everything on your phone in high amounts of detail, with plenty of colour. You’ll also find a very clear screen resolution on the iPhone 8 too.

The similarities between the two phones show just how good Apple technology is. Cameras are a huge part of smartphones and the most important feature to anyone looking for a new phone. On the back of the iPhone 8 is a single 12MP camera with a 7MP lens featured in the front screen. Both these lenses are going to produce extremely high quality images with plenty of detail and colour present. You’ll also find some key features in the camera, such as autofocus, HDR, touch focus and face/smile detection. These allow your photos to be even more eye catching.


Differences between the two

One of the biggest differences between the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 is what actually keeps it going on the inside. By this, we mean batteries, processors, chipsets, all the technical parts. In the iPhone 8, you’ll find the Apple A11 Bionic chip. This chip will offer quick processing with very little interruption, whether you’re streaming, browsing or downloading. Inside the iPhone SE is the more recent A13 Bionic. This is Apple’s most recent chip, also found in the brand new iPhone 11 series. From the A13, you’re going to get the fastest speeds found in a smartphone.

Another slight difference in the two devices comes down to the design itself. The iPhone 8 brought a more slim, rounded design to the Apple range. Before this, most devices had a more squared finish with squared edges. All the edges and corners on the iPhone 8 are rounded, giving a much cleaner finish. Bringing back the old shape, the iPhone SE still features rounded corners however, the edges of the phone are much thicker and give off a more squared finish.


iPhone SE or iPhone 8?

Both the iPhone SE and the iPhone 8 are incredibly good budget smartphones, which you can get at extremely low prices. Whether the iPhone SE or iPhone 8 is for you comes down to what you need from a smartphone. From each of these devices, you’ll be able to experience a smooth processing system, a super friendly operating system and the typical high end Apple design. These are two of the best options if you’re in search of a low cost smartphone full of the best technology.


When it comes down to deciding if you need the iPhone SE or iPhone 8, there are hundreds of things to take into consideration. Make sure to take a look at our best iPhone deals to get an amazing price on your next mobile phone contract.