iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone XS Max Compared

iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone XS Max Compared

Apple has this annoying habit of bringing out phones we want, like every time they release a new phone. Now, this is great and exciting, but it can also get confusing when you can only actually pick one each year because after all who needs three handsets, right? So here is a helpful look at this year and last year flagship handsets. How they are similar and how they are different. Which one is for you? Well, only you can decide, so have a read. 

What is in a Screen 

At first glance, the iPhone Pro Max and the iPhone XS Max look the same from the front, or at least very similar and that is because they are. Both handsets are 6.5-inches, and this is a favoured size at the moment thanks to the versatility it offers to gamers and those who like to stream movies. The technology behind the screen, however, is a little bit different, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max uses a new never before screen that Apple is calling Super Retina XDR, and is also used on the iPhone 11 Pro. In contrast, the iPhone XS Max runs on an OLED screen which is still impressive technology. 

How Many Cameras?

One of the significant differences between the iPhone XS Max and the newly released iPhone 11 Pro Max is the rear camera arrangement. On the back of the new offering, we see three lenses arranged in a square and Apple were keen to show off the milling process and how this was crafted from a single piece of glass to create this new mount. On the iPhone XS Max, we see two lenses mounted in a housing through a cut out in the back panel. Both cameras have 12MP lenses, the iPhone XS Max has a wide and telephoto, and the newer iPhone 11 Pro Max features both of these plus an additional ultra-wide offering. 

Designed for Video 

Both of the handsets are great at capturing video, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max has to take the crown on the video capability. It was a strong feature of the launch presentation and something that Apple is clearly very proud to show off. Everything video has been upgraded so if you are a video buff you are going to love this. The video capture capability of the iPhone XS Max is still more than good enough for many users. 

Chips – No, Not with Gravy 

So, the chipset is the heart of the handset, and there are similarities between the two, but they are not the same. The new iPhone 11 Pro Max features a new chipset, the A13 Bionic whereas the iPhone XS Max uses the A12 Bionic. So, there are similarities in the way they harness machine learning and the neural engine, and both have excellent augmented reality capabilities. But the newer chip is faster and can work smarter to ensure things work fast. Now to be fair, that means super fast as there is nothing slow about the A12 either.