the iphone 11 is coming

iPhone 11 is Coming According to New Report

When it comes to releasing new handsets, the media and the manufacturers like to play a little game of cat and mouse. No details are official until the launch event, but fans rely on leaks to see what might be coming up. In the past leaks seem to have been pretty spot-on, which suggests rather than coming from errant employees; these are actually managed releases from the makers and create the much-needed hype when it comes to such a crowded market place.

Although Apple doesn’t really have to worry about empty seats, their launch events are packed to the rafters and millions more watch online, they too seem to play the leak game, and the latest report has some interesting insights that almost appear to conflict with what we thought we already knew.

Naming Conventions

The iPhone X was only the second handset to fly in the face of Apple’s very simple naming convention. While some brands have range upon range of handsets, Apple has stuck firmly to the iPhone and each year since the iPhone 3; they have stuck to simply stepping up a number. Now the SE was their first handset not to use the convention, and this was a different beast, the SE was a cut-down that stood apart from all others. Then there were some interesting additions, with the five series featuring the 5s and 5c – the c denoting their colour range. 

The base naming remained until we reached the launch of the iPhone 9 and, well, there simply wasn’t one. Instead, the X followed, and last year the XS, XS Max and XR joined the fold. Apple has also always used the moniker Plus to denote their larger handsets, and the XS Max was the first, and seemingly the only handset to break that tradition too. The report suggests that this time, Apple is returning to its roots, and the new handsets will be called the iPhone 11 Pro, but this is where it gets a little unclear.

Triple Camera Housing 

It is not known if the larger of the two, which will have the highest spec, will be the iPhone 11 Pro Plus, or iPhone 11 Pro Max, but the new XR is set to be the bog-standard iPhone 11, and both the others will carry the Pro title. It seems as though the two new flagship handsets will feature a triple-lens setup, which in itself is not that new, other brands have already been there, but Apple always makes a late arrival for maximum impact. It is thought that the iPhone 11 will get an upgrade taking it from the current single lens on the XR to a new double lens, which is what the current XS handsets have at the moment. 

The other improvements to the highest spec handsets include enhanced facial recognition, reverse wireless charging and an upgrade to the chipset and screen performance. Finally, it has been suggested that there will be some matt finishes on offer rather than the standard high gloss offerings we have come to expect. Roll on the 10th of September so we can finally put these rumours to bed with the truth!