iOS 14 Updates

Each year, Apple releases a new system update across their devices each year and 2020 brings the new iOS 14 updates with all new features. You’ll be able to experience an updated fitness app, AR capabilities and so much more. You’ll be able to make use of every inch of your phone.


Release Date and Device Compatibility

Each year, Apple releases the new iOS updates in Autumn time. This usually coincides with the release of their new iPhone too. Sticking with this regular schedule, it is expected that we can expect to see the new operating system in September 2020. We would usually see the announcement of iOS 14 in June at the WWDC event. Due to coronavirus, this is now an online event starting on June 22nd. During this event, we should be able to see a range of new features and improvements coming this year.

Once this event has finished, the first software update will be rolled out to app developers. This will allow app developers to make sure their apps are compatible with new features and improvements on the system. This beta test system will give the world a little more information as to how each of the features works.

Of course, this system isn’t going to be available on every single Apple device. This will allow any iPhones from the iPhone SE (2016) to the most recent iPhone. You’ll also be able to access iOS 14 on the iPod Touch 7th Generation. Rumours also suggest that you’ll be able to access iOS 14 on a range of different iPad, iPad Pros, iPad Minis and iPad Airs.


iOS 14 Overview

Apple is constantly working on a new operating system, be it for the latest iPhones, iPads, iPods or any other Apple devices. This allows them to seriously improve the total user experience across all of their devices. With so many people waiting for the next big thing from Apple, there are hundreds of different leaks surrounding it. There are also a few different leaks that allow us to see what we can expect from them next. Of course, there are a few different features that we haven’t seen and ones we may not even know about. From growing trends and other Android system updates, you can take a look into what we can expect next.

It is highly likely that there will be a few different bug improvements to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Bugs can also reduce the speeds you’re experiencing from the smartphone so you’ll be able to expect smoother processing and browsing. Apple will of course take a look at testing this software before rolling it out across the tech world. Some leaked features may not actually be found in the final version of iOS 14, which means we may expect a bit more of a surprise.

There are so many new things you can expect from Apple for the next operating system. These are due to make your life far smoother as well as a much more pleasant experience.


Apple Apps

Each iOS device comes with a range of different Apple apps on them. These range from Apple Maps and Safari to Apple Health and Tips. Making each of these features better will mean more people are using Apple services, allowing them to earn more money. One new app we’re expected to see hitting iOS 14 is a fitness app. This will be available on iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV. You’ll be able to download a range of different fitness videos and walk throughs. You’ll be able to track your progress with the Apple watch too.



There are also a few new features expected to hit the Apple messaging apps. Each iOS update brings a range of new features to iMessage and this year is no different. If you’re in a busy group chat and can’t be bothered to catch up with the conversation, your friends can now mention you to get your attention. This will send you  a notification letting you know that someone is trying to get hold of you. This is very much like the mentioning system found in Slack.

Among the new features hitting iMessage, we may also be able to retract messages. We all know the feeling of sending a risky message, sitting around waiting for a reply then regretting sending the text and wishing we could take it back. With this new feature, you’ll now be able to retract a message before it’s seen. Of course, both parties in the conversation will get a notification to say the message was retracted.

You will also now be able to see who is typing in a group chat, just like Snapchat group chats. Every person typing in the chat will appear at the bottom of the screen in a small bubble. You may also be able to use the /me command that is currently available on Macs.

One more feature that you’ll be able to make use of is the ability to mark messages as unread. Even if you’ve got your read receipts on, you may be able to leave these as unread for some time. This way, you can remember to follow through with tasks and remember to get back to people as soon as you have time.


Home Screen

The home screen is one of the most important parts of any iOS device. This is where you are constantly landing and it’s the first thing you see with each device. iOS 14 is expected to bring a feature found on Apple Watches with apps being viewable in a list. This will show all installed apps in alphabetical order, making sure you have access to all your apps easily. You should be able to then manipulate different settings, allowing you to categorise apps as you see fit. This includes categories such as most used apps, recently used apps and even unread notification apps.


Of course, to make use of the new iOS 14 updates, you’ll have to have one of the latest iPhones. Lucky for you, with our best iPhone deals will make that far more affordable.