Huawei Mate X Unboxing Reveals Design Change

A recent YouTube video has been released that allegedly shows an unboxing of the new Huawei Mate X folding phone. Folding phones are set to be the next innovation in mobile devices that are coming out. We take a look at what this video shows and what it could mean for the new device. Have a look at the video here.

It’s All About The Fold

The Huawei Mate X should be released towards the end of the month but had been previously delayed. This is as a direct result of the delays to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This mobile device had previously identified durability issues with the folding screen technology that meant it wouldn’t yet be suitable for release to the public. In response, Huawei delayed the release of their folding phone so that they could concentrate on more testing before they release the phone to the public. Folding phones are going to be popular because they combine the portability of a mobile phone with the screen size of a tablet. 

Design Changes

The key feature of the new unboxing feature was the change to the release button that unlocks the folding screen. This has now been enhanced with an orange highlight that helps pinpoint the release and it helps to show off the design of the phone. The button is in the centre of a control panel that appears at the side of the phone. Otherwise, the entire phone is pretty much all screen and it looks sleek and beautiful. The control panel also has the camera lens and other hardware features of the phone. These are then all on the rear of the device when it is unfolded into a tablet.

Other Features

Much has been mentioned about the Huawei Mate X already. The folded device resembles a fairly standard 6.6-inch mobile device, but when it is unfolded it is similar in dimensions to an 8-inch tablet. The chipset and other technology inside the phone are set to give it real power and make it one of the top of the range handsets on the market. It has also recently been revealed that the camera lens has recently been upgraded to use those similar to those on the P30 instead of on the Mate 20. There is also a decent-sized battery around 4500 mAh and when the device is folded you can use either the front or rear screens independently and due to the OLED nature of the screen whatever you don’t use doesn’t drain power. So it should last a long time.

What isn’t yet certain is the future of Huawei’s relationship with Google. Google has already withdrawn Huawei’s access to Google Play Services which mean that they no longer have access to the Play store or any of the other Google apps that come as standard on Android phones. Huawei has developed their own proprietary app store and play services to replicate those offered by google so it the phones will continue to be supported and work in the future.